Quiz: Can You Match the Biblical Child to His or Her Parents?
Can You Match the Biblical Child to His or Her Parents?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Connie Oelbaum

About This Quiz

There are countless families of parents and children in the Bible. Starting with Adam and Eve, reproduction was important for the growth of the human race. As time went on, descendants were born, grew up and had children of their own, who then had children of their own as well. They grew up to become leaders, saints, apostles and more. Who do you think are the most famous parents in the Bible?

Can you name all of the children of Adam and Eve? What about the children of King Hezekiah and Hephzibah? Jacob and Leah are the parents of what children? Who is Noah the father of? Knowing the parents in the Bible is only half the battle! Remembering their children will get you a good score.

Can you name the mothers of Timothy, Noa and Esau? What about the fathers of Gershom, Hazelelponi and Ham? Can you name both of Samuel's, Dan's and Cain's parents? Did you know that some of the children in the Bible only have one well-known parent? Sometimes one parent was unnamed or not spoken of in the Bible.

So, if you think you know your Biblical families, study up on your Biblical family trees to make sure you're prepared. Then jump into this quiz to see your score!

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