Quiz: Can You Match the Candy to Its Country?
Can You Match the Candy to Its Country?
By: Allison Lips
Image: Claudia Totir/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Candy lovers around the world share some candies, but not all are available in every country. Candy companies around the world cater to the tastes of each market. While you may find Hershey's Bars and M&M's in other countries, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are harder to find. 

On the flip side, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of foreign candies that can't be found at your local supermarket. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a supermarket with a well-stocked international foods aisle, you may be able to find British favorites, Polish novelties, and unique candies from around the world that you would normally have to import yourself whenever you have a craving for them. 

There are also candies that are widely available in the United States that still have strong ties to their home country. Even if they don't know in which country the candy originated, many American know that Ferrero Rocher and Toblerone are European candies. 

Whenever you travel abroad, do you make sure to taste every candy available? Is your body practically 100 percent chocolate and sugar? Then you're going to love this quiz. Find out how well you know the origin of your old favorites and a few new ones.

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Which country in Oceania do Caramello Koalas originate?
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Bounty is a chocolate-coated coconut candy that comes from where?
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Maltesers were introduced to which country in 1936?
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If you were craving a Marabou Mjolkchoklad, you would find them in which European country?
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Where were Haribo Saft Goldbären originally sold?
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If you want to become friends with a Kiwi, you may share your Pascall Pineapple Lumps. In which country will you find them?
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In which region of the would ​you find salmiakki?
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The chocolate-covered biscuit known as Pocky originated where?
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Choc Nut is mass produced in an island nation. Where you would have the easiest time finding it?
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In which country will you be able to get Carambar with its bad jokes?
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Milka is a brand from Mondelez International, but in which country did the brand get its start?
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If you want authentic Ferrero Rocher chocolate, to which country would you have to travel?
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While Prince Polo is sold in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, and Slovakia, which country does it call home?
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Toblerone is available around the world, but in which country was it first produced?
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The Coffee Crisp is considered iconic in which country?
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Where were Jaffas originally produced by James Stedman-Hnderson's Sweets Ltd.?
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The coffee-flavored candy known as Kopiko was created where?
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Despite its Spanish name, Kinder Bueno is actually native to which country?
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Which country's citizens had disagreements over the Yorkie bar's slogan, "It's not for girls"?
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The caramel-waffle sandwich known as stroopwafels comes from which European country?
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If you wanted to get your hands on Mishka Kosolapiy, where would you have to visit?
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Kägi are made in Toggenburg. In which country will you find that city?
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A South American country eats a lot of Super 8, but where would you find it on store shelves?
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Which country sells a pink candy with the unusual name of Chicken Bones?
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Mozartkugel is found in and named after one of which country's greatest composers?
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You're craving a Krembanan. Where are you most likely to find it?
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Chupa Chups are a popular lollipop, but where do they originate?
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Which large country exports White Rabbit to the rest of the world?
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Super Twister is sold in the Middle East, but where are you going to find it in stores?
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Where would you find the tamarind-flavored Pelon Pelo Rico?
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Elite milk chocolate bars are sold in which country?
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Where would you get Fazer Marianne peppermint candies?
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Ion bars are a well-known candy and are commonly found in stores where?
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The mango-flavored Pass Pass Pulse is found throughout which country?
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Cadbury Cherry Ripe is most commonly found in which country?
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Ptasie Mleczko is ​commonly found in which country's stores?
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Which member of the United Kingdom is the origin of Tunnock's Tea Cakes?
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Lokum is also known by a name with a country's name in the title. What country is it?
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Sublime first hit the shelves of which country in 1928?
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