Can You Match the Character to the '90s TV Drama?

By: Kennita Leon

Jane Mancini, now Jane Andrew, is a fictional character played by Josie Bissett in the soap opera "Melrose Place." An employee of a clothing boutique, Jane is introduced as the wife of Dr. Michael Mancini.

James van der Bleek plays the main character of the television drama "Dawson's Creek." He makes his first appearance in the episode "Pilot" as Dawson Leery.

A fictional character from the tv series, 90210, Dylan Mckay is introduced as a rebel. The character portrayed by Luke Perry soon softens his attitude after befriending Brandon Walsh.

Initially played by Lori Rom, Phoebe Halliwell is the younger sister to Pru and Piper. She possesses powers of levitation and empathy.

An only child, Mark Greene is a medical doctor and lead character in the series "ER." He was played by actor Anthony Edwards.

A character created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, Laura Palmer, is a popular high school student. Her double life results in her murder in 1971.

Played by Jessica Biel, Marie Camden is the first daughter of Eric and Annie Camden. A promising basketball player, Mary has her dreams crushed when she injures her knee in an accident.

The main character of the TV series "Felicity," Felicity Porter, forfeits her chances of studying at Stanford University and instead follows her high school crush to New York where she discovers herself.

Claire Danes plays the character of Angela in My So-Called Life. Jared Leto and Bess Armstrong also star in this series.

Deemed unethical, Alan Shore is a Lawyer in The Practice. He is hired by a Boston law firm and fired shortly after. He now appears in the spin-off series Boston Legal.

A graduate of Harvard, Amy Gray now works as a corporate lawyer in New York. She moves back to Connecticut with her mom following her divorce.

Formerly, Dr. Douglas Ross, Doug works as the ER pediatrician. The character is played by George Clooney.

A 16-year old student, Bailey Salinger, played by Scott Wolf, loses his parents in a car accident. During the show, he resides with his siblings Charlie, Owen, Claudia and Julia.

One of the main characters in the first season of "Melrose Place" is Sandy Harling, who dreams of becoming an actress. She finally lands a role on a television show.

Josephine Lillian Potter or Joey for short, is a fictional character who appears in every episode of the tv series Dawson's Creek. Played by Katie Holmes, Joey is portrayed as the girl next door.

A character portrayed by Mandy Patinkin, Jeffrey Geiger is one of the medical doctors employed by a charity hospital in Chicago.

The female lead character for the first seasons of 90210, the character of Brenda Walsh is played by Shannen Doherty.

Making her first appearance in 2001, Paige Matthews is a witch and half-sister to Phoebe and Piper Halliwell. She replaces the oldest sister, Prue Halliwell.

Created by Walon Green and Rene Balcer, Leonard Briscoe is the longest-serving main character of the "Law & Order" television series. He played the role of a police detective on the show.

One of the original characters of the television show "ER," Susan Lewis is introduced in season one as a resident of the County General Hospital.

Roma Downey plays the role of Monica, an angel in the show "Touched By An Angel." The show went on for 9 seasons with 212 episodes.

The youngest daughter of the Camden family, Ruthie Camden is an inquisitive little lady who is always up to date with the happenings of her household.

Played by Tori Spelling and created by Darren Star, Donna Martin Silver makes her first appearance in season one of Beverly Hills, 90210 as Kelly Taylor's best friend.

Played by Christine Lahti, Kathryn Austin or Kate Austin is employed as a medical doctor in a fictitious charity hospital in Illinois.

A family drama, "Sisters," was first aired in 1991. The drama series followed the lives of four sisters of which Alex Reed was the eldest.

An openly gay man, Matthew Fielding Jr is a social worker in Los Angeles. He made his last appearance in the show in 1997 when he was killed in a car crash.

Played by Shannen Doherty, Prue Halliwell is the oldest and most powerful of the three Halliwell witches. She is able to perform telekinesis and astral projection.

Ally McBeal is the main character and star of the TV series "Ally McBeal." She becomes employed by the Boston law firm Cage and Fish as a lawyer.

A main character on the show "Dawson's Creek," Jen Lindley is portrayed by Michelle Williams. She is the only child of her parents Theodore Lindley and Helen Ryan.

Born in Nebraska in 1962, Janine Turner is an actress best known for her appearance in "Northern Exposure" as Maggie O'Connell, a professional bush pilot.

Charlie Salinger, played by Matthew Fox, is the eldest of five children who lose their parents in a car accident. Following his parents' death, Charlie takes responsibility for raising his siblings.

A character portrayed by Jesse Martin, Ed Green makes his first appearance in "Gun Show" as detective Lennie Briscoe's partner.

Residing in a small and bizarre town of Rome, Wisconsin, Kimberly Brock is the eldest child of the town's Sheriff Jimmy Brock. Holly Marie Combs plays the character.

A self-made lawyer, Bobby Donnell is a graduate of Suffolk University. During his showtime, Bobby has relationships with Lindsay and Helen.

Minister of the Glen Oak Community Church, Reverend Eric Camden, portrayed by Stephen Collins, is the father of seven children. He has served as minister for more than twenty-five years.

Ranked as one of the nastiest villains of all time, Vernon Schillinger is a brutal inmate at the Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary. He is a known rapist.

Ben Covington plays the role of Felicity's high school crush. The character is portrayed by Scott Speedman.

The second of the four Reed sisters, Teddy is an eccentric, recovering alcoholic who pursues her ex-husband when she learns that he is engaged to her sister Frankie.

A founder of the Cage and Fish law firm, Richard Fish is credited with the recruitment of Ally McBeal into the law firm. He is played by actor Greg Germann.

Played by actor Steven Hill from 1990 to 2000, Adam Schiff is the District Attorney of the New York County in the "Law and Order" series.

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