Quiz: Can You Match the City to Its Continent?
Can You Match the City to Its Continent?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

"To remember the seven continents, think of the letter A!" If you remember this rhyme from elementary school, you'd also know that when you're down to only one, E will save the day. With all the major cities in this world, can you narrow them down to their continent?

When we think about geography and the world, there's a ton to take into consideration. There are 197 countries and hundreds of major cities. Luckily for you, you only need to know 35 of them for this quiz! While it might be easy to recognize the country it's in, we're asking you to go one step further and identify the continent!

For a country/continent like Australia, this can be exceptionally easy, but the rest of the continents aren't that way! South America has 12 countries while North America has 23. Africa itself has 54. Europe has 50, and Asia has 48, but the boundaries get confusing in Eurasia because these two continents actually share countries! While you have to worry about six of the continents, you're obviously in luck because you can cross Antarctica off of any habitable list!

We're not traveling to the South Pole with this quiz, but we're going all over the rest of the world. From Shanghai to Istanbul to New York City, can you match the city to its continent? Let's find out!

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