Quiz: Can You Match the City to the Country?
Can You Match the City to the Country?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Geography tests were once a staple of a basic education. From the first grade to the twelfth, students were expected to know all the countries in the world, their capitals, their major ports and cultural centers. Knowing geography is one of the tools that made the Roman, Mongol and Greek empires great. There was a time when maps were scarce and expensive, and people had to just know geography, both locally and anywhere else they might go. Even in this age of smartphones with world atlases inside them, a little local knowledge can be tremendously useful. Google Maps doesn't always know every road, and sometimes it thinks roads exist that aren't there.

The world isn't what it once was. It is host to many new nations, some founded in the late 20th century, others even more recently. Some cities are ancient, with histories going back to the Silk Road or the Crusades, while others are entirely new, with megalopolises founded on the sites of old fishing villages, built to support the industries of the future. How familiar are you with these places? How many hemispheres have you been to, and how many have you observed from Google Maps? 

Do you know your cities and countries? Take this quiz and find out!

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