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The holidays are all about spending time with family and friends -- including the beloved characters from your favorite TV shows, who can start to feel like a part of the family after so many years spent following their stories. Take our quiz to see if you can match the series to its Christmas special!

Forget Christmas and Hanukkah -- this series introduced us to the magical holiday of Festivus.

in the season nine "Seinfeld" episode "The Strike," Kramer goes back to work at a bagel shop after years of striking over poor working conditions. Meanwhile, Frank Costanza introduces the gang to the magical holiday tradition of Festivus, completed with feats of strength and airing of grievances.


Which series told the classic tale of the holiday armadillo?

What do you do when the costume store runs out of Santa suits? If you're Ross Gellar from "Friends," you improvise, dressing up as the holiday armadillo to tell the story of Hanukkah to your son.


On this series, dad lost the gift money at the dog track, so he figured a canine companion might make a pretty good gift for the kids.

Viewers got to know Homer pretty well on the very first episode of "The Simpsons" back in 1989. In "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," Homer takes a job at the mall to make money for gifts, then loses his money at the dog track. He brings home one of of the losers from the race, which the family dubs Santa's Little Helper.


The wonder of the holiday season is explained through a piece of animated poop in this TV series.

In the very first season of "South Park," viewers watch Kyle struggle with feeling left out at Christmas because he is Jewish. Fortunately, Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo comes to live to help him enjoy the magic of the season. Hidey Ho!


In the season two holiday episode of this series, the characters almost tore down the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

The "30 Rock" episode "LudaChristmas" featured the TGS crew and cast getting ready for their annual Christmas party. After ageless page Kenneth Parcell sat them down to explain the true meaning of Christmas, they went wild, nearly destroying the very famous tree at Rockefeller Center.


Oh no! Mom's lost her voice and won't be able to sing at church on Christmas!

When Carol loses her voice on "The Brady Bunch," the kids worry that she won't be able to sing at church on Christmas. Fortunately, a very nice department store Santa promises Cindy that her mom will regain her voice just in time -- and she does!


This series featured a very special "Chrismukkah" party at Seth's house.

On "The O.C.," the gang celebrates "The Best Chrismukkah" ever -- a mashup of holidays that came about because of Seth's Jewish dad and Catholic mom. Meanwhile, Marissa has some serious problems with alcohol and drunken driving.


In "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls" from this series, the family patriarch accidentally kills Santa.

After buying Steve a gun for Christmas, Stan and his son accidentally kill Santa in this 2010 episode of "American Dad." While the elves are able to bring him back to life, they are determined to get revenge on Stan and his entire family.


The star of this series is forced to work for the entire holiday in the episode "Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid."

On the season one holiday episode of "Mary Tyler Moore," Mary ends up being stuck working on both Christmas Eve and Christmas. Things get a little better when her boss gives her a Christmas card with a blank check inside.


This series featured a 1980 holiday episode where the cast did everything they could to prolong an inevitable death so it didn't take place on Christmas.

"M.A.S.H." was set at an Army medical tent during the Korean War. In the 1980 episode "Death Takes a Holiday," the cast is determined not to let an injured man die on Christmas, so that his kids won't associate the holiday with the loss of their dad.


In the episode "The Pick" from this series, one of the main characters accidentally sends out some very revealing Christmas cards.

The season four "Seinfeld" episode "The Pick" featured Jerry grossing out a potential girlfriend who saw him picking his nose. It also featured Kramer taking a picture of Elaine for her to use on her Christmas cards. It wasn't until the cards were sent that Elaine realized that she was showing a little too much skin in the picture.


What show featured a 2005 episode about a Secret Santa gone wrong -- thanks to one budget-busting iPod?

On "The Office" episode "Christmas Party," the gang is doing a secret Santa. While Michael buys an expensive iPod for Ryan, Jim buys a thoughtful gift for Pam. Things go wrong when Michael suggests a Yankee Swap so he can ensure he gets a good gift.


Which of these shows features a company Christmas party where everyone gets fired at the end by G.O.B.?

On the season two Christmas episode of "Arrested Development," G.O.B. fires everyone after getting roasted at the company Christmas party. Later, Michael is stuck restoring the banana stand after a group of teens destroys it.


The family on this series buys their friend a mink for Christmas -- a real, live mink.

On "The Beverly Hillbillies," the Clampetts just can't quite adjust to life in sunny California. While the Drysdales confuse them with gifts of a TV and a boat, the Clampetts buy Mrs. Drysdale a live mink, rather than the mink coat she was hoping for.


The star of this show spends the holiday season helping three people get married.

In the 1997 episode "Silver Bells," Ally McBeal is creeped out to be managing a case where a threesome wants to wed. Later, she realizes they aren't all that different from her and her own love triangle with Billy and his wife.


Which series features a tough biker breaking down after getting a gift from the father he never knew?

In the season six holiday episode of "Happy Days," the Fonz gets a gift from the dad who long-ago abandoned him. Meanwhile Howard puts up a fake tree as Richie and Lori Beth argue over gifts.


The two stars of this series spend Christmas Eve in a haunted house in a 1998 season six holiday episode.

On the 1998 "X-Files" episode "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas," Mulder and Scully spend Christmas Eve trapped in a house -- where a pair committed a murder-suicide nearly a century earlier. Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin guest star as ghosts in this episode.


Which series featured a beloved 2010 holiday episode made using classic stop-motion animation?

"Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" was a 2010 episode of "Community" that told the story of a Muslim named Abed trying to discover the true meaning of the holidays. It featured the stop-motion animation style found on so many classic Christmas specials.


Which series depicts Santa as a killer robot?

On the series "Futurama," it's the year 3000 and Santa is no longer a jolly old elf. As Fry discovers in the 1999 holiday special, Santa is now a killer robot who has everyone on his naughty list.


On the 1960 Christmas episode of this series, mean old Ben Weaver wants moonshiner Sam Muggins put in jail for the holidays.

Andy is forced to follow the law and put Sam Muggins in jail in a 1960 episode of "The Andy Griffith Show," but that doesn't mean Sam has to miss out on the holiday spirit. After Ben Weaver sees how much fun everyone is having in the jailhouse, he finds a way to get arrested so he won't miss out on the festivities.


On this series, Aaron Echolls ends up getting stabbed at his own Christmas party.

It's business as usual on the 2004 holiday episode of "Veronica Mars." Keith is hired to investigate Aaron Echolls' stalker, but that doesn't prevent Aaron from getting stabbed at his own holiday party.


This series featured a "Scrooge"-inspired 1970 holiday episode starring Felix and Oscar.

With Oscar being his usual grumpy self on "The Odd Couple," it's up to Felix to help him enjoy the holiday. The pair star in a parody of "Scrooge," with Felix as the ghost and Oscar as the old miser himself.


Son Eric directs the holiday pageant at church in a 2001 holiday episode of this series.

On the 2001 holiday episode of "That '70s Show," Eric is roped into directing the church Christmas show, similar to the old Charlie Brown Christmas special. Things go wrong, and get even worse when Bob and Red start feuding over parties and decorations.


In this series, a 1999 holiday episode features a homeless war veteran getting a proper burial despite opposition.

In "The West Wing" episode "In Excelsis Dio," the president sneaks out of the White House to do some shopping while Toby helps arrange a dignified burial for a homeless Korean War vet.


A battle between the main characters of this series is resolved in a 2006 holiday episode when one of them is gifted an Easy-Bake Oven.

Lily, Ted and Marshall are at odds in the 2006 "How I Met Your Mother" episode "How Lily Stole Christmas." Ted is stuck spending the holiday away from his friends until Marshall saves the day by buying Lily the Easy-Bake Oven she had always wanted.


The characters on this series spend Christmas morning throwing rocks at trains.

After a crappy Christmas in which all of their gifts are stolen, the gang on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" spend Christmas morning throwing rocks at trains on a season six holiday special.


Which series features a family that really would be better off if the dad died -- thanks to a 1989 episode that parodies "It's a Wonderful Life?"

"Married...with Children" parodied "It's a Wonderful Life" in a 1989 two-part Christmas episode. Thanks to a guardian angel, Al got to see how his family would live without him. Turns out, their lives would have been way better without him there.


A 1971 holiday episode of this series featured the family stranded in a Wild West town.

In the 1971 "Partridge Family" episode "Don't Bring Your Guns to Town Santa," the family bus breaks down in the desert on Christmas Eve. In a fantasy sequence, the family members go back in time to take on Wild West roles, with David Cassidy as an adorable gun-toting Sheriff.


The patriarch on this rural comedy series is outraged when he can't cut down a Christmas tree -- even on his own land!

It's Christmas on "Green Acres," and Oliver can't wait to cut down a Christmas tree. Problem is, environmental regulations prohibit cutting down trees. Luckily, Sam Drucker has some nice aluminum trees for sale that spray real pine scent.


The star of this series makes Christmas really complicated when she proclaims that no one should exchange gifts -- then changes her mind at the last minute.

In the "Murphy Brown" episode "Jingle Hell," Murphy proclaims that no one on staff should exchange gifts. At the last minute, she buys them all gifts anyway, leaving them scrambling to buy their own gifts on Christmas Eve.


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