Quiz: Can You Match the Company to its Famous Product?
Can You Match the Company to its Famous Product?
By: John Miller
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Could you live without your iPhone? If you went to your favorite fast food chain, would you order a Big Mac? If you're driving down the street, you might be in a Corolla or a 3 Series. These are some of the most popular products around the world. From Nike to Sony to Microsoft, can you match the company to its famous product?

When you think about some of the world's biggest companies, they were often able to reach their level of success through a singular product. Ranging from books and technology to food and clothing, these products have changed the way consumers shop. 

Companies like Canon and Nikon lead the market in photography and video equipment while Pepsi and Coke are two leaders of the soda industry. It's hard to imagine phones without Apple and Samsung while the Japanese Toyota and German BMW are always staples on the street. While these companies are huge, they are often recognized for a singular product. Could you identify the company when given its famous product? 

If you prefer PlayStation to Xbox, could you name the company behind it? For all the fast food lovers out there, who is the maker of the Big Mac? What about the Whopper? The lovers of magic might love Harry Potter, but could you name the company behind this best-selling book series? For those who can, this is the quiz for you! Kick off those Air Jordans and put down those iPhones. Let's get started!

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No. 5 perfume
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Air Jordan
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Pampers diapers
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EOS Series cameras
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Cold Cut Combo
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Honey Nut Cheerios
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Macaroni & Cheese
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3 Series car
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Road Glide motorcycle
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