Quiz: Can You Match the Country to the Drink It's Known For?
Can You Match the Country to the Drink It's Known For?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Any traveler soon discovers that each country has its own unique character, with many cultures and subcultures contained within it. One of the more obvious (and enjoyable) ways this phenomenon manifests itself is through food and drink. We might think we know all about other countries' cuisines, but there are literally hundreds of beverages from other countries which we've never tried, or even heard of!

For instance, did you know that they drink beer brewed from red rice in the Provence region of France? Or that Canadians make a liqueur from maple syrup?

For this quiz, we've skipped the weirder drinks in order to focus on various countries' national beverages. From Sri Lanka to Norway, these are the most popular drinks in their respective nations (never mind what people from other countries might think of them). 

Some of these drinks are alcoholic, while others could be safely served to a child. Some are celebrated the world over, while others mysteriously have not caught on outside their country's borders. If you fancy yourself a sophisticated drinker, several of these questions will not be a challenge for you, but we guarantee this quiz will have a few drinks which you've never heard of before. 

Ready to test your knowledge? Cheers! Let's dive in!

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