Quiz: Can You Match the Country's Former Name to Its Present Name?
Can You Match the Country's Former Name to Its Present Name?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Think you have what it takes to master the map? The world changes all the time, but over the last century or so massive change has swept the world, unlike anything the human race has ever seen before. Advances in technology and culture have conquered much of the globe, meaning that few things go unnoticed anymore.

These changes can be reflected on the map. World powers have come and gone, meaning that many countries have been born over the last few centuries, while others have been lost. Some have been conquered so many times that it is hard to keep track, while others renamed themselves after becoming free from colonial oppression. In other cases, countries have even joined together or split to make new players on the world stage.

Slowly, the blank spots on the map have been filled, but there are still a few controversial spots on it left today. How they might come to be labeled in the future, or when exactly these decisions might happen, is anybody's guess.

If you have a lot of worldly knowledge and are ready to take a massive trip through time and around the globe, try your hand at this quiz!

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