Quiz: Can You Match the Disney Character to Their Dilemma?
Can You Match the Disney Character to Their Dilemma?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Disney picture

About This Quiz

Disney movies have been favorites of kids and adults around the world for generations. People of all ages love their iconic heroes, villians, songs and more. The plots often pit plucky and charming young heroes against all sorts of odds. These include monsters, gods, heartless villains, magic and all sorts of foils. Some of these villains are almost delightful, while others you would not want to run into. Whether you love classic Disney movies, like "Snow White," the Disney Renaissance era films many milennials grew up with like the "Lion King," or modern favorites like "Frozen" or "Moana," Disney has become such a big part of global culture that whether you have seen "The Little Mermaid" or not, you probably know who Ariel is. 

From princesses to cute puppies to moody teenagers to talking cars, Disney provides a whole host of unique and iconic characters to get to know. Even complete Disney fanatics have their absolute favorites, though they will probably have a hard time picking just one out of the dozens of heroes! 

If you are a true Disney fiend who knows your Disney heroes inside and out, see if you can match them to their unique dilemmas with this fantastical quiz!   

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