Quiz: Can You Match the European Capital to Its Country?
Can You Match the European Capital to Its Country?
By: J.P. Naomi
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Take me to Paris! Take me to Madrid! For our world travelers, if you've ever been to Europe, you've probably visited one of these cities. For those who haven't traveled, you know what you'd find! The capital cities in Europe have some of the richest cultures you'd see. From Portugal to Austria to Russia, how many of these European capitals can you match to the country?

There are 197 countries in the world, and even though Europe is the second smallest continent, it houses 50 of those countries! When thinking of European countries, your brain probably instantly travels to countries like England, Spain, and France. What you probably forget about is Russia! While both Russia and Turkey are known as two transcontinental countries (both in Europe and Asia), Russia's capital is actually in Europe! Do you know what it is?

Can you pair Athens, Helsinki, and Lisbon to their countries? If we told you Oslo, could you match it to the proper Scandinavian country? To visit the origins of the Viennese Waltz in Vienna, would you travel to Belgium, Austria, or Hungary? 

The capital cities of the European countries hold tons of culture from the Eiffel Tower to the Berlin Wall. Can you match the countries and their capitals? 

Will your knowledge help you pilot these questions to Europe or will you be stick at check-in?

Ready for lift off!

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