Quiz: Can You Match the Grateful Dead Lyric to the Song and Album?
Can You Match the Grateful Dead Lyric to the Song and Album?
By: Stella Alexander
Image: LongStrangeTrip710

About This Quiz

Deadheads, unite! If you're ready to rock and roll, this is the quiz for you! When it comes to the classic rock band, Grateful Dead, how well do you know their lyrics?

In 1965, in the Californian town of Palo Alto, Grateful Dead was born and the band would go on to create and play music together for 30 years. While Grateful Dead had a long line of members, the group originally started with five: Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, and Bill Kreutzmann. 

1967 would bring about the release of their first album, "The Grateful Dead," and the rest is history! The group would go on to release more than 180 songs on 19 different albums. How many of the lyrics can you remember? 

Can you remember the opening lyrics of their very first song, "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" on their debut album? Could you pick out that "Sometimes we live no particular way but our own" is from the 1973 album, Wake Of the Flood?

Grateful Dead has a long list of songs on their roster and we want to know how big of a Deadhead you are! Can you make it to the front row of this lyrics quiz, or will you be stuck listening to the tune from across the street?

Dead Freaks Unite! Who are you?! Where are you?

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