Quiz: Can You Match the Hero to His Weapon of Choice?
Can You Match the Hero to His Weapon of Choice?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Marvel Comics

About This Quiz

Heroes, both fictional and non-fictional, protect us from evil that exists in the world. But to do that, they need to be able to fight. Enter the weapons that these noble beings wield and wear. From suits and swords to hammers and arrows, the heroes we've encountered on television and in books get to use some of the most impressive weapons--real or not--that we've ever seen. And we want to know how well you know them today. 

Sure, everyone knows that Thor has a mighty hammer and that the Black Panther's suit takes stealth to a whole new level, but do you know who uses the Element Gun or the Sword of Omens? Can you tell us who turns their wings into weapons, has a watch that transforms them into an alien, or possesses a ring that brings imagination into reality? 

We want to test your knowledge on some of the most iconic weapons that heroes, including wizards, kids, aliens, demi-goddesses and regular humans use. Are you able to match the hero to their weapon? 

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Which iconic superhero has a hammer that only he can hold (for the most part)?
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Which incredibly rich genius created a suit that let him fly and run his businesses at the same time?
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Who has retractable claws made from adamantium?
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Which wizard owned the most powerful wand in existence, known as the Elder Wand?
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Which hero has dragons at their beck and call?
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Which of the following superheroes uses a powerful trident that controls the sea?
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Which hero has a shield made of vibranium?
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Can you name the person who uses batarangs?
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Which of these people used a lightsaber to defend the good?
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Can you identify which hero makes use of web shooters?
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Who has a lasso that can force others to tell the truth?
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Which Avenger has a bow (and many types of arrows) that are used in the fight for good?
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Which king of an African nation has a suit that gives him powers?
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Can you tell us who uses two chakrams to enforce justice?
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This hero has a ring that allows hims to conjure anything he can think of. What is their name?
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Which Avenger possesses the Eye of Agamotto?
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Which hero from the DC Universe uses bows and arrows?
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Which hunter of the supernatural owns a gun called the Colt?
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Which space hero owns an element gun?
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Which of these superheroes owned the Mind Stone before it was snatched by Thanos?
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Which Justice League member possesses an arm gun?
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Which red, demon-like creature uses a gun to save the world?
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He glides around on a strange, metallic board. What is this superhero's name?
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Which of these characters uses a baton?
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Which feline hero owns the Sword of Omens?
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This hero is a vigilante who began using the sais she stole from her attacker. Who is she?
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Of the options, who do you think owns a Moon Stick?
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Which god owns a sword that is several hundred feet in length?
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Which tiny guardian owns quite a large collection of guns?
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Of the options, who owns a watch that allows them to turn into aliens?
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Which of these heroes uses goggles to manipulate dimensional energy?
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Which old-time cartoon character has a sword called the Sword of Grayskull?
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An Avenger, who makes use of their wings to swoop down and attack enemies?
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Which character, who happens to be a turtle, uses a bo as a weapon?
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Which animated character uses a katana to kill the demon Aku?
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Which vampire killer uses a sword to make their kills?
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Who has a vibranium arm that is capable of great things?
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Which Avenger makes use of the Pym discs?
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Which unlikely Suicide Squad member has a sword that has souls in it?
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Which X-Men uses cards as their weapon?
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