Quiz: Can You Match the Historical Leader to Their Other Half?
Can You Match the Historical Leader to Their Other Half?
By: John Miler
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

There is no Bill without Hillary, no Barack without Michelle. In almost every case, world leaders don’t get by merely on their own wiles and wit – many of them rely on significant others not only for romantic reasons, but also as partners in their political ploys. In this nearly impossible quiz, do you think you can match all of these famous leaders to their other half?

Hardly anyone remembers President Gerald Ford for anything other than his questionable pardon of Richard Nixon and his Watergate antics. But his wife Betty? She was a fabulous example of activism in action, and her very public struggles with substance abuse yielded good – she founded the Betty Ford Center, which is probably the most famous rehab clinic on Earth.

Everyone knows John Edwards was an adulterous politician who cheated on his wife as she was quite literally dying from cancer. But Elizabeth transcended the trashiness, overcame the death of her son, and inspired millions of people to help others, showing leadership where her husband did not.

Whether they are Roman conquerors, Egyptian rulers or French emperors, the leaders in this quiz all have accomplished major feats during their lives. Let’s see if you can pair them to the correct significant others!

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