Can You Match The Judge to The Reality TV Show?

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Simon Cowell became famous in America on which show?

This long-running singing competition aired from 2002-2016. Judge Simon Cowell became known for his no-nonsense attitude and clever insults and was one of the meanest reality TV personalities out there.

Christina Aguilera judges on _________.

Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine judge "The Voice." The pair put out the smash single together "Moves Like Jagger."

Gordon Ramsay is a judge on which show?

In this cooking competition, home cooks are put to the test. Gordon Ramsay is one of the judges.

Which TV show features RuPaul as a judge?

This fiery drag queen competition is always high drama. It features RuPaul as both the host and a judge.

Ivanka Trump has been a judge on which show?

Donald Trump became famous for his role on the show "The Apprentice." Appearing judges, called "Board Members," included a few of his children throughout the seasons.

Which show features Micheal Kors as a judge?

Michael Kors is a fashion designer known as one of the snarkiest personalities on TV. While he's not afraid to praise contestants, when he doesn't like someone's work the one-liners flow.

Tyra Banks hosted and was a judge on which show?

The long-running model reality show has become famous for using contestants more than it helps them. It was created, hosted and judged by supermodel Tyra Banks.

Geoffrey Zakarian is a judge on which show?

Geoffrey Zakarian is an acclaimed executive chef and cookbook author. He is a "Chopped" judge as well as an Iron Chef.

Scott Conant judges on which reality show?

"Chopped" pits chefs and cooks from around the country against each other in a high-stakes competition. Celebrity chef, cookbook author and restauranteur Scott Conant is a frequent judge.

Mariah Carey has judged on which show?

Mariah Carey is a legendary chart-topping diva. She has been an "American Idol" judge.

Which show does Alex Guarnaschelli judge?

Alex Guarnaschelli is a famous New York City chef who gives harsh critiques but will also stand up for contestant's whose food she believes in. She is a recurring judge on "Chopped."

Adam Levine is a judge on which reality TV show?

In this singing contest, contestants are judged by some of the most successful singers in the industry. One judge is Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

J. Alexander was a judge on which TV show?

J. Alexander, also known as Miss J, is a runway coach and reality TV personality. They are known for their big personality and bold outfits.

Bruno Tonioli judges which reality TV show?

Often the judges on this show are not as harsh as they could be, but Bruno Tonioli doesn't care about bruising the egos of the rich and famous. He delivers harsh critiques all the time.

Which show did Paula Abdul judge for multiple seasons?

Paula Abdul was definitely the good cop of "American Idol" judges. She would always try to say something nice, even if she criticized a contestant.

Piers Morgan was a judge of which TV show?

Piers Morgan is known as one of the most unpopular personalities on TV. He's so mean that he once made a little girl cry on air.

Which show does Aaron Sanchez judge?

Aaron Sanchez is a successful restauranteur with restaurants across the U.S. He often judges on "Chopped."

Howie Mandel judges ________.

This Canadian comedian and actor has been a judge on "America's Got Talent." He is also a game show host.

Howard Stern has judged on which show?

Famously dirty radio host comedian Howard Stern has been a judge on this reality show. It's a limitless talentless competition where anything can happen.

Blake Shelton is a judge on:

Blake Shelton is a country music star. He is also a judge on "The Voice."

Shakira has been a judge on which show?

Shakira is a pop star with decades of hits. She has also judged on "The Voice."

Heidi Klum is a judge on which show?

World famous supermodel Heidi Klum hosts and judges "Project Runway." Eliminated contestants always get a kiss from her on their way out.

On which of these shows was Randy Jackson a judge?

Randy Jackson is a musician and Grammy-winning producer. He is mostly known for being a long-term American Idol judge.

Mary Murphy was a judge on which show?

Mary Murphy is a ballroom dance champion. She was also a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance."

Carrie Ann Inaba is known for being a judge on which show?

Carrie Ann Inaba is a dancer, singer, choreographer and more. She is known best as a judge on "Dancing with the Stars."

Which show has Jennifer Lopez judged on?

Jennifer Lopez is a pop star, producer, dancer and actress. She was a more recent "American Idol" judge.

Mary Berry is a judge on:

On this classic British show, bakers compete for bragging rights and make creative desserts. Mary Berry is one of the judges.

Which show has Tom Colicchio judged on?

Tom Colicchio is a celebrity chef and New York City restauranteur. He has judged on "Top Chef."

Which show has Paul Hollywood as a judge?

Paul Hollywood is an English celebrity chef. He's most famous for being a judge on "The Great British Bake Off."

Kelly Osborne has been a judge on which show?

Kelly Osborne is the daughter of Sharon Osborne and Ozzy Osborne of Black Sabbath fame. She's a television personality who has been a judge on "Dancing with the Stars."

Christina Tosi has been a judge on which show?

Christina Tosi has judged multiple seasons of this unusual cooking show. She is a chef, TV personality and author.

Steven Tyler has been a judge on which show?

Steven Tyler is known as the lead vocalist of Aerosmith. He has been a judge on "American Idol."

Marcus Samuelsson has been a judge on which show?

Marcus Samuelsson is a TV personality and New York City head chef. He's appeared on both "Chopped" and "Iron Chef America."

Which show did Nigel Lythgoe judge on?

Many talent reality shows have their grumpy British judge. Former dancer and choreographer Nigel Lythgoe filled that role on "So You Think You Can Dance."

RuPaul is a judge on which show?

"Skinwars" is a show where body painters compete for recognition and a large cash prize. RuPaul is one of the judges.

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