Quiz: Can You Match the Lyrics to '80s One Hit Wonder?
Can You Match the Lyrics to '80s One Hit Wonder?
By: Abi Luftig
Image: YouTube

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Do you remember Jenny's phone number, or what color those 99 balloons were? With shat exactly did a girl blind Thomas Dolby, and who was that guy that Toni Basil thought was so fine? If you've boogied along to "Pac-Man Fever" and "The Safety Dance," you might have what it takes to ace this quiz on '80s one-hit wonders!

When a musician or group manages to score a single hit that overshadows any future work, the artist gets dubbed a "one-hit wonder" by fans and the media. The label comes with an air of negativity -- just one hit? -- but doesn't tell the true story. When you consider just how incredibly tough it is to make it in the music business, much less crack the top 40, even scoring a one-hit wonder is a huge accomplishment, and certainly, nothing to dismiss.

In fact, it turns out that one-hit wonders are more the norm than the exception. In 2012, University of Colorado Professor Storm Gloor studied decades of music charts and found that around 48 percent of songs to crack the charts came from artists who never managed to chart again.

So dust off that Dexy's Midnight Runners album and hum along to "Come on Eileen" as you take this '80s one-hit wonders quiz!

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