Quiz: Can You Match the Military Leader to the War?
Can You Match the Military Leader to the War?
By: John Miller
Image: wikipedia Gnotype

About This Quiz

Wars might be fought by the little guys, but they’re coordinated and launched by bigwigs – the people who have the leadership and political power to pull the figurative trigger on massive violence. They are the same folks who, once the guns are silent and the smoke has parted, will leave either a legacy of military brilliance … or bloodstained ineptitude.

How much do you know really know about the most famous military leaders in history? Do you even know which battles they won and lost?

Generals are responsible for both short-term tactical operations and long-term strategic vision. Those who can balance the two manage to rain death on their enemies. Those who fail in either regard see their troops slaughtered and their commands stripped away.

Some generals constructed their legacies in ancient times, leaving behind such powerful stories of courage that their names echo in our hearts even today. Others, by comparison, only just left the battlefields, and now serve as leaders in politics and business.

But before the legacies are the fights. No military leader becomes famous unless there’s a critical battle at stake. So pin your stars to your uniform, shine your boots and grab your favorite cigar – can you match these military greats to the wars they fought?

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