Quiz: Can You Match the Military Vehicle to the War?
Can You Match the Military Vehicle to the War?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Coneyl Jay / DigitalVision / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Fighting a war requires much planning. 

It also requires men on the ground and the equipment to support them. Soldiers can only do so much. In truth, the better-equipped army is the one that invariably wins wars. And this is something that has been proved throughout history. 

Fighting soldiers not only need the obvious equipment like armament in the form of guns, rations to keep them going or access to clean water, they also need vehicles.

These come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Think about it ... most are obvious. For example, tanks can support infantry troops on the ground helping them clear enemy positions. Mobile artillery units can pepper enemy positions with explosive ordinance to soften them up before an attack by waves of infantry and fast reconnaissance vehicles can scout ahead to find the enemy strength.

But what gets the troops into position, or brings up ammo and the like? Yes, the lowly truck. Or what is used to quickly get wounded men to field hospitals? Well in World War II, the Jeep performed missions such as this, along with many more.

Without this massive range of vehicles, war would be even more difficult to win. 

But could you identify which war each vehicle would have likely served in? An image is all you have to make your decision.

Good luck! 

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