Quiz: Can You Match the Miracle to the Biblical Figure?
Can You Match the Miracle to the Biblical Figure?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Don't get eaten by a whale! While this sounds like a weird suggestion, it's not that strange when you consider the miracles of the Bible. From being raised from the dead to turning water into wine, can you match the miracle to the biblical figure?

Due to a large number of followers, the Bible is possibly the most common piece of religious material ever followed. At the center of a few faiths, it is most commonly regarded by Christians and Jews. With Christianity being the most widely practiced form of faith with 2.2 billion followers and Judaism coming in 8th with 13.9 million, you can be certain that the teachings of the Bible spread all over the world. 

While the Bible helps provide the basis for both of these faiths, it is filled with miracles that have been spoken about for centuries. Can you remember them all? Enough to match the miracle to the figure?

Who was asked to turn water to wine at the wedding feast in Cana? Which couple was able to conceive well into their old age? Which biblical figure was able to part the Red Sea? Can you identify all of these figures? Since they are some of the most prominent figures in the Bible, we would hope so!

Will you make it to the end of this quiz? Will you be eaten alive, or will you turn water into wine? 

Let's find out!

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