Quiz: Can You Match the NBA Player to the Country He's From?
Can You Match the NBA Player to the Country He's From?
By: Stella Alexander
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With 5 seconds on the clock, he dribbles, shoots and...

He may or may not have scored, but what we really want to know is if you'll score big with this quiz! With players that hail from all over the world, can you match them to the country they're from? Let's find out if you're getting a slam dunk.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is made up mostly of American players, but the international players in the league make a huge difference. Hank Biasatti was the very first international player to play in the NBA. Born in Italy, he first got his start as a baseball player before joining the NBA's Toronto Huskies. Since then, the league has received an influx of international players. 

Where would the league be without Hall of Famers like Bob Houbregs, Yao Ming, and Dikembe Mutombo? Would the Spurs have won championships without Tony Parker? What would the Dallas Mavericks franchise be without Dirk Nowitzki?

Many international players rule the courts of the NBA, but can you match them to where they're from? Is Dirk Nowitzki from Eastern Europe or maybe Scandinavia? Does Tony Parker hail from Europe or maybe South America? 

With all the international stars in the NBA, can you match them to their country of origin? SHOOT and let's see if you score!

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