Quiz: Can You Match the President to Their Home State?
Can You Match the President to Their Home State?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Presidents have been born in Virginia, but what about Florida?

While the United States consists of fifty states, not all of them can be proud to say that they have served as the home state for a president. In fact, even if we take into account the reality that there have only been 45 presidents of the United States - 44 men in total as of 2018 - the number of home states is actually still less than half of that number! Only 21 states have had the honor of being the birth state of a United States president. Another fun fact worth mentioning is that there is a clear East Coast (and in general Easterly) bias when it comes to presidential home states, with the vast majority being born in the eastern half of the country!

In this quiz we've taken 40 of the past United States presidents and created the ultimate test to see if you can match them to their home states. Some states have been the home of only one U.S. president. However, there are many others, like New York, Massachusetts, Ohio and Virginia, that have had multiple presidents. In fact, Virginia has had the most, with eight presidents in total, earning itself the nickname, "Mother of Presidents."

Let's test your patriotism and see if you can match all of these correctly!

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