Quiz: Can You Match the Quote to the Military Movie?
Can You Match the Quote to the Military Movie?
By: John Miller
Image: Paramount Pictures, Omni Zoetrope

About This Quiz

For generations, movie makers have used stories about war to tell stories about the human condition. Sometimes those stories are full of glory, like "Pearl Harbor" and "The Longest Day." Other times, as in "Schindler's List" and "Apocalypse Now," the terrors are almost unimaginable. In this quiz, if we offer some of the most famous movie quotes, can you match them to the correct movie?

In 1970's "Cromwell," we get right to the gist of the matter. "Every man who wages war believes God is on his side. I'll warrant God should often wonder who is on his."

In the Grim 2005 "Lord of War," we hear another cutting truth. "You know who's going to inherit the Earth? Arms dealers. Because everyone else is too busy killing each other. That's the secret to survival. Never go to war, especially with yourself." 

And of course, sometimes military movies can be funny. In 1980's "Private Benjamin," green recruit Goldie Hawn complains about the barracks. "To be truthful with you, I can't sleep in a room with 20 strangers ... and I mean, look at this place. The Army couldn't afford drapes? I'll be up at the crack of dawn here!"

Snap to attention in this hard-fought war quiz! We'll find out if you're a war hero or still failing boot camp!

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