Quiz: Can You Match the Religion with the Belief?
Can You Match the Religion with the Belief?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

I'll say a little prayer for you... if you open up this quiz and see how well you know about religions of the world!

There are religions and there are religions. With so many that have come and gone, and, of course, with those that are still around since the time of antiquity, do you think you can recognize some of the beliefs that the majority of these popular religions convey? Even if you're only a subscriber to one -- or none at all -- this might be a fun way to learn more about what exactly these religions preach.

This quiz could also be a good way to test your basic knowledge about the most common beliefs of the most popular and largest religions in the world. We have been so bombarded by "facts" or "details" and "information" about specific religions that we sometimes need to pause, step back a little, and scrutinize what this information says about us. Some of these beliefs might also be second-hand or even third-hand information, so their accuracy may not be trustworthy.

We'll drop the brief data about specific beliefs, and you tell us to which religion we're referring. So take a leap of faith with us and take this quiz!

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