Quiz: Can You Match the Screaming Face to the Movie?
Can You Match the Screaming Face to the Movie?
By: Valerie
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Do you remember what made Kevin burst out his iconic scream in "Home Alone," or which actress gave us one of the most famous shower scream scenes of all time in "Psycho?" Know all the shrieks of terror caused by the ghostface killer in horror favorite "Scream" and its sequels? If so, see if you have what it takes identify all these screaming movie scenes and ace this quiz!

A good scary movie makes up hide under the covers, jump out of our seats, and scream right along with the characters on the screen. Of course, it isn't just the horror flicks that have great scream scenes; those screaming faces could convey anger, outrage, shock and surprise -- think "This is Sparta!" from "300," or "Freedom!" from "Braveheart," or even "Khaaaaan!" from "Wrath of Khan." 

While you're analyzing these screaming faces, consider this -- there's a scream hidden inside Hollywood's biggest inside joke. Known as the Wilhelm scream, this clip of a cry of angst has been slipped into various movies since the '50s, including such hits as "Star Wars," "Indiana Jones," "Titanic" and "Avatar." 

Ready to tackle this movie scream quiz? Read on to see if you can match the open mouth to the movie from a single picture!

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