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Most, if not all Disney movies are made up of four different types of characters; the hero, whose job is to save the day and defeat the bad guy. The princess who most times needs rescuing but as of late can also be considered a heroine in her own right. The villain, whose job it is to wreak havoc in an attempt to gain power or fortune, and the sidekick, without who, the hero or princess would never succeed.

Some of the greatest and most popular sidekicks include Timon and Pumbaa from "The Lion King," Meeko and Flit from "Pocahontas," Lumiere and Cogsworth from "Beauty and the Beast," and Sven and Olaf from "Frozen." Not only are they great companions to the main character, but they also give them the courage to push through and more importantly, protect them from being harmed. 

Are you a true Disney fan or are you just getting a chance to watching some of the greatest animated movies of all time? Either way, would you be able to recognize some of them from an image, or guess what movie they are from? Take this quiz, and we'll find out just how much you know about these sidekicks!

Which Disney movie is the White Rabbit from?

The White Rabbit is from the Disney movie, "Alice in Wonderland." He's always late, but always around when Alice finds herself in a tough situation.


Which movie is Little John from?

Little John is from the movie, "Robin Hood." Little John is Robin Hood's sidekick and he is always there for his best friend. He guides him much of the time.


Which Disney movie is Zazu from?

Zazu is from the movie, "The Lion King." He is Mufasa's sidekick and he is always there to check on what's happening in the kingdom and report back to the king.


Which movie is Sgt. Tibbs from?

Sgt. Tibbs is from the movie, "One Hundred and One Dalmatians." He is a cat that helps the Dalmatians alongside the Colonel.


Which movie is Thumper from?

Thumper is from the movie, "Bambi." He helps young Bambi learn the ways of the forest after the death of his mother and cheers the young deer along the way.


Which movie is Sven from?

Sven is from the movie, "Frozen." Sven is Kristoff's sidekick and his reindeer. He also works alongside Kristoff in their business ventures.


Which movie is Terk from?

Terk is from the movie, "Tarzan." Terk is a gorilla that was raised with Tarzan and is also his best friend, along with Tantor. The three are always there to help each other out.


Which movie is Tinkerbell from?

Tinkerbell is from the movie, "Peter Pan." She is Peter Pan's trusty fairy who can be a bit stubborn at times. A sprinkle of her fairy dust can make ordinary objects fly.


Which movie is Timothy Q. Mouse from?

Timothy Q. Mouse is from the movie, "Dumbo." He is Dumbo's only friend and is always there to help Dumbo when he needs a friend.


Which Disney movie are the Seven Dwarfs from?

The Seven Dwarfs are from the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." They each possess an extreme emotion but they're always happy to help out Snow White.


Which Disney movie is Pegasus from?

Pegasus is from the movie, "Hercules." Pegasus is Hercules' winged horse that grew up with him since they were born. He's always there to give Hercules a ride.


Which movie is Jiminy Cricket from?

Jiminy Cricket is from the movie, "Pinocchio." Jiminy was a great conscience for Pinocchio and always helped him out when he needed it most.


Which movie is Pascal from?

Pascal is from the movie, "Tangled." He is a chameleon that is Rapunzel's best friend. He always sticks by her side no matter what.


Which movie is Baloo from?

Baloo is from the movie, "The Jungle Book." Baloo is Mowgli's sidekick. He takes Mowgli under his wing and keeps him safe from all kinds of dangers lurking in the jungle.


Which movie is Pacha from?

Pacha is from the movie, "The Emperor's New Groove." Although Kuzco plans to take away Pacha's home, he quickly becomes friends with him after being turned into a llama. Pacha was always there for Kuzco.


Which movie is Abu from?

Abu is from the movie, "Aladdin." He is a monkey and also Aladdin's best friend. Abu was with Aladdin before he met Princess Jasmine and was always there to help get his friend out of trouble.


Which movie is Trusty from?

Trusty is from the movie, "Lady and the Tramp." The dog suffered a broken leg to help his friend, Lady. He would help and protect her at all costs.


Which movie is Sebastien from?

Sebastien is from the movie, "The Little Mermaid." He always kept a close eye on Ariel for King Triton. He tried to keep her out of as much trouble as he could.


Which movie is Olaf from?

Olaf is from the movie, "Frozen." He was created by Elsa and became best friends with Anna. When Anna was looking for Elsa, Olaf was there to offer to take her to Elsa's palace.


Which movie is Khan from?

Khan is from the movie, "Mulan." Khan is Mulan's horse that accompanies her when she leaves for the military. Khan always sticks by Mulan's side.


Which movie is Figaro from?

Figaro is from the movie, "Pinocchio." He is a cat that belongs to Geppetto and also one of his best friends. He also belongs to Pinocchiol.


Which movie is Flounder from?

Flounder is from the movie, "The Little Mermaid." Flounder is a little fish, and also Ariel's best friend. He is always by her side.


Which movie is the Genie from?

The Genie is from the movie, "Aladdin." He becomes Aladdin's sidekick after they meet in a cave. He granted Aladdin three wishes.


Which movie are Gus and Jaq from?

Gus and Jaq are from the movie, "Cinderella." The two are good friends with Cinderella and always strive to help her when she needs it most.


Which movie is Maximus from?

Maximus is from the movie, "Tangled." Although he starts out as an enemy to Flynn Rider, he eventually warms up to him and Rapunzel. After that, he is a loyal sidekick to the two.


Which movie is Mushu from?

Mushu is from the movie, "Mulan." He is a tiny dragon that watches over Mulan as she departs to join the military. The ancestors sent him to keep Mulan safe.


Which movie are Timon and Pumbaa from?

Timon and Pumbaa are from the movie, "The Lion King." The two are Simba's best friends after they found him in the Pride Lands.


Which movie is Mater from?

Mater is from the movie, "Cars." He is a tow-truck that is Lightning McQueen's best friend. He's always around to cheer on Lightning.


Which movie is Dory from?

Dory is from the movie, "Finding Nemo." She becomes Marlin's best friend and sidekick when he goes on a mission to find his lost son.


Which movie is Dug from?

Dug is from the movie, "Up!" He is a dog that is able to communicate with humans using his collar. He becomes friends with Russell and Carl.


Which movie is Heihei from?

Heihei is from the movie, "Moana." Heihei is Moana's chicken who jumps aboard her boat and ventures out to sea alongside her. Although many times he wasn't so useful, he did manage to help her out.


Which movie are Lumiere and Cogsworth from?

Lumiere and Cogsworth are from the movie, "Beauty and the Beast." They were cursed along with the beast and remain his loyal sidekicks even after the curse.


Which movie are Meeko and Flit from?

Meeko and Flit are from the movie, "Pocahontas." Meeko is a raccoon and Flit is a hummingbird. Together they make a great team and are best friends with Pocahontas.


Which movie is Maui from?

Maui is from the movie, "Moana." Maui is a demi-god that Moana met on her journey and although things started out bad, they became friends throughout their journey.


Which movie is Stitch from?

Stitch is from the movie, "Lilo & Stitch." Stitch is Lilo's best friend and sidekick. After Lilo adopted him, they became the best of friends and did everything together.


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