Quiz: Can You Match the Slang to the Correct Decade?
Can You Match the Slang to the Correct Decade?
By: John MIller
Image: Emilija Manevska/ Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

The English language is a changeable mishmash of letters and words that shift in meaning over time. Slang terms, in particular, are a dynamic aspect of daily life, as young people infuse old words with new innuendo or invent entirely new words and phrases that leave gray hairs scratching their heads in confusion. In this gnarly quiz, do you think you can match the following slang terms to the decade in which they were most common?

You probably know that “fly” is a fairly recent term, one that refers to the extreme coolness of something or someone. This one was hugely popular in the 1980s, particularly within the hip hop community. In the 1990s, “get jiggy” meant that you were flirting or dancing with someone, and “my bad” meant that you made a mistake.

But what if we dig deeper into the depths of the 20th century? Would you still “dig it” if we try to “catch you on the flip side” like people did in the Seventies? Or would your mind revert too far back, to maybe the 1920s, when people still said things like “bee’s knees”?

“23 skidoo, hippie!” Take our tough quiz now and match these slang terms to the correct decade!

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