Quiz: Can You Match the Sports Play to Its Point Value?
Can You Match the Sports Play to Its Point Value?
By: Ryan Choate
Image: skynesher/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Many sports have a basic scoring system such as soccer. Score a goal, your team gets a point. For every sport with a simple scoring system there are many more that require knowledge of rules and scoring plays before becoming a participant or even a spectator. Most people have an understanding of basic rules for the major sporting events in the U.S. that we see on television constantly such as football, basketball and baseball. Rules and scoring plays seem to be evolving in some sports, but the general scoring plays remain the same. For instance, there has been a three-point line in basketball since the original pre-NBA days of the American Basketball Association, yet it has moved in and out a couple of times over the years but it remains worth 3 points on the scoreboard.

Sports such as cricket, which are popular sports outside the U.S., have a more complex scoring system for those unfamiliar with the sport. Simply watching a cricket match on television and watching the scoreboard light up without understanding the game can make for a frustrating viewing experience. In the U.S. where youth grow up playing the main sports which we have college and professional leagues for, scoring plays become second nature. But how much do you actually know about scoring plays and their respective sports? Can you tell the difference between and eagle and an albatross? If you're a sports fanatic, kick off this quiz and see what you can score!

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