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When did the man bun become mainstream?

Some love the man bun and others hate it. It can't be denied that this modern trend has overtaken men's style.

Matching hats were a necessary fashion accessory for women during which decade?

The 1950s were all about complete outfits containing numerous matching accessories, from gloves to hats to jewelry. Pillbox hats were incredibly popular during this decade.

Polyester became a popular clothing fabric during which decade?

Bold prints and colors were on trend in the '70s. Polyester took over during this decade.

Jackie Kennedy was a fashion icon during the start of which decade?

First lady Jackie Kennedy, the wife of President John F. Kennedy, inspired women's fashion worldwide at the start of the 1960s. She wore sensible, clean dresses and jackets with matching accessories and hats, a more understated take on the excess of the 1950s.

During which decade did makeup become popular?

Before the 1920s, makeup and cosmetics were largely considered crass and immoral by American society. This changed during this decade when women began copying the makeup looks of movie stars.

Men and women began to wear their hair long and natural during which decade?

Men and women grew their hair long and gave up on extensive styling during the '60s. The natural look was in.

During which decade were women expected to be perfectly and glamorously dressed at all times, down to color coordinated accessories?

The '50s are known for their glamorous excess across all areas of life. Women were expected to be perfectly dressed and groomed at all times with complex undergarments, fabrics and accessories, while in public or even while at home with their husbands.

Shutter shades were on trend during which decade?

Thanks to Kanye West, you could find someone in almost any public place wearing a pair of shutter shades during the late 2000s. This accessory is actually an '80s throwback that never took off during the decade where it was born.

Women's dresses and skirts began to get shorter and shorter during which decade?

Shorter skirts became symbols of confidence and sexual liberation in the '60s. Anything above the knee was considered a miniskirt.

During which decade was it popular to wear stockings rolled below the knee?

The roaring '20s was all about flapper fashion. Flappers wore rolled stockings below the knee, held up with garters.

The look of the 1950s was defined by:

The 1950s was defined by signature looks, which everyone was expected to conform to perfectly. This backfired spectacularly in the 1960s, with many young people completely throwing out the rigid, confining and high maintenance fashion of their parents.

Hippies of the 1960s prized what kind of clothing and accessories?

Flower children rebelled against rigid, structured, high-maintenance, gendered fashion with free-flowing bright clothing made of natural fabrics and textures. They prized handmade clothing and accessories.

During which decade did T-shirts move from underwear to a clothing staple?

T-shirts were initially considered men's underwear and became a unisex fashion staple by the mid-1970s. T-shirts became bold, multicolored and branded during this decade.

Bold pop art-inspired prints were fashionable during which decade?

There was no such thing as too much during much of the '60s. Checkerboard, stripes, bold polka dots and even Warhol-inspired Campbells soup cans were used as eye-catching patterns on classic '60s shift dresses.

Brown lipstick first became popular during which decade?

Brown and nude lips were a classic '90s look. These 'greige' tones have made a comeback in recent years.

Dresses with belted sleeves, puff sleeves and collars were the standard silhouette of which decade?

Women would wear their house dresses at home, and smart silk or rayon crepe dresses to run errands or enjoy the afternoon out. These afternoon dresses often featured the classic '30s silhouette described above.

Shoulder pads first became popular during which decade?

In the 1940s, both women's and men's clothing became fitted with shoulder pads. Most blouses, jackets and dresses of the era were fitted with them.

During which decade was plus-size fashion first considered by the mainstream?

While plus-size fashion had been overlooked entirely up to the 1940s, retailers began catering to women of more body types during this decade. Catalogs and department stores began carrying "stout" sizes, with beauty and fashion books offering plus-size fashion advice.

Women began wearing pants for the first time during which decade?

During the '40s, women took over for men in the workplace as they fought during World War II. Women made large strides in independence and comfortable fashion, almost all of which was undone during the 1950s.

Large teased hair was popular during which decade?

Women and men feathered and teased their hair to new heights during the 1980s. This was especially popular with teens and young people.

Grunge style took off during which decade?

Thanks to the success of bands like Nirvana, young people in the 1990s embraced grunge for all it was worth. Baggy T-shirts, flannel and ripped denim replaced the more polished and brightly colored looks of past decades.

During the 1950s men's suits were:

In the '50s men wore somber and sleek boxy suits in stark colors. They also were expected to look glamorous and well put together at all times.

During which decade did women tie art deco designed scarves around their heads?

Bold scarves in striking Art Deco prints were a 1920s must have for the fashionable woman. They would often knot the scarves behind or on the side of their head.

During which decade did fashion become more youth focused?

In the 1960s fashion changed drastically. While during previous decades women strove for mature looks that emphasized their figures, '60s fashion focused more on bows, collars, kitten heels and straight dresses that made women appear smaller and less curvy.

When were yellow rubber Livestrong bracelets popular?

Rubber bracelets that supported different causes were all the rage for a short while in the 2000s. Whether it was the yellow Livestrong bracelet or one of the many others for different causes, almost everyone had at least one.

During which decade did the shift dress become popular?

Shift dresses were often above the knee and boxy. These slim dresses were considered casual and not appropriate for the office or more formal events.

1940s fashion was all about helping women achieve what kind of figure?

The hourglass figure was in fashion during the '40s. Dresses were designed to create the illusion of broad shoulders, full hips and narrow waists.

Male and female Beatniks of the 1950s are known for wearing which color?

Beatniks were the major counterculture movement against the repressive and high maintenance lifestyle and fashions of the 1950s. They embraced unisex fashion, with both women and men wearing black slacks and black turtlenecks.

Tight-fitting pants became a unisex fashion staple during which decade?

This was the decade during which tight-fitting pants became everyday wear for both men and women. While at the start of the decade the bell bottoms from the 60s were still popular, by the end tight-fitting pants without any flare at all were in fashion.

Neon was on trend during which decade?

The '80s is known for colorful and bright fashion. Neon clothing and accessories were everywhere.

During which decade were reversible house dresses popular for women?

One popular style of house dress in the 1930's was the hooverette. This practical wrap dress was reversible and had a tied waist and ruffled sleeves. Women would not wear these dresses out of the house.

Branded luxury accessories became popular for the first time during which decade?

The '50s were all about luxury, and women's fashion was defined by the designer Christian Dior. Dior pioneered branding accessories by stamping them with his brand label, which is still done to this day.

Chemise dresses were all the rage during which decade?

Flapper style was all about the chemise dress. These simple tube dresses had thin spaghetti straps and were often adorned with bold accessories.

In the 1940s dresses became:

Due to rationing of fabric during World War II, dresses in the 1940s became shorter. Unlike the long dresses of previous decades, knee-length dresses became popular during this decade.

"Egyptian" inspired fashion was popular during which decade?

During the 1920s the discovery of King Tut's tomb gripped the public imagination. Hollywood hits such as "Cleopatra" also influenced fashion.

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