Quiz: Can You Match the TV and Movie Characters to the Famous Cars They Drove?
Can You Match the TV and Movie Characters to the Famous Cars They Drove?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

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“I believe it’s time for a strategic withdrawal!” So says the famous computerized voice of a black sports car that’s better known as KITT, or Knight Industries Three Thousand, the smart, chatty car in “Knight Rider.” 

Most Hollywood cars don’t speak, but there are plenty of other examples that are equally famous. There’s that blaze of orange that the Duke boys used to blast along the backroads of the Deep South. There are the countless sleek beasts that 007 – James Bond – drove in order to dazzle foes and females alike. Do you remember the one car model that’s nearly as famous as the man himself? You can prove it by steering yourself through our famous car quiz!

Not all TV and movie cars are fancy … or even cool. Or maybe you don’t remember that rust bucket that The Dude clunked around in during “The Big Lebowski.” And although Garth and his little blue car were equally adorable in “Wayne’s World,” they weren’t exactly cool. Do you remember the hilarious paint job on Garth’s car?

From “Speed Racer” to “Ghostbusters,” and a whole lot more, Hollywood leans heavily on vehicles to grab an audience’s attention. Can you burn rubber through this car quiz ... or will the wheels fall off once the light turns green?

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