Can You Match the Villain to the '80s Movie?

Haiden Steingass

This "Star Wars" character was lured to the Dark Side after a life or heroism. What's this villain's name?

Did you know, the reason Anakin went from living a life of heroism and integrity to accepting the Dark Side was actually to save his wife Padmé, who passes away from complications during childbirth? Chancellor Palpatine makes Anakin believe that going to the Dark Side will prevent the loss of his beloved wife.

Students at Shermer High School despised this faculty member in the movie "The Breakfast Club." What's his name?

In The Breakfast Club, Vice Principal Vernon is every high schoolers' worst nightmare. He's stuck in his ways and ridicules the students for being the downfall of society. However, to the viewers' surprise, Vernon starts to realize his actions will not get him anywhere with the students.

This "Back to The Future" villain is infamous for his one-liner: "What're you looking at, butt head?" What's his name?

From childhood to adulthood, Biff lived to antagonize George. After George's son Marty travels back in time, Biff strikes up conflict with him, as well, locking Marty in a car while he attempts to make unwanted advances on Marty's mom, Lorraine.

Who's the villain in "The Goonies?"

It's not every day that a mother of three is the villain in the story. "The Goonies" showcases Mama Fratelli hiding out in an old restaurant with her kids, but it's not an innocent family affair. When the "Goonies" make their​ way into the building, Mama Fratelli terrifies them.

The Keymaster and the Gatekeeper take orders from this character in "Ghostbusters." What's this villain's name?

Depicted as an age-old, immortal being, Gozer plays the role of destructor in "Ghostbusters" with two goals. Gozer plans (and fails) to wipe humans off the face of the earth and eliminate the Ghostbusters with the help of the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper.

This villain is the money-slinking mastermind in "Die Hard." What's his name?

Hans Gruber, the main villain in "Die Hard," was a terrorist from Germany who set out to steal more than half a billion dollars from Nakatomi Plaza, and what better time to do the deed than a company holiday party? Gruber sent his dangerous gang into the building to follow through with the heist until John McLane got involved and saved the day.

This masked villain played the killer in "Friday the 13th." What's his name?

Though we don't see his face, Jason is the lead character and the villain in the horror film, "Friday the 13th." Carrying an infamous machete, Jason starts his killing spree at Crystal Lake Camp.

This villain in "Highlander" was killed off by Connor MacLeod. What's his name?

The Kurgan was "Highlander's" most destructive villain. What makes him so powerful are his size, strength and savage lust for killing.

This villain is the masked killer in "Halloween 2." What's his name?

Michael Myers is a universally-known horror film figures, whose story continues throughout 11 Halloween movies. Michael's psychological health plays a major role in developing this narrative, which his therapist, journalists, his family, and the community all attempt to understand.

This character from "Nightmare on Elm Street" sports metal claws and a fedora. What's his name?

Freddy Krueger attempts to mask his burnt skin with his gloves and hat, an injury that happened after being set on fire by his victims' parents. He's not a normal horror film killer, however. Freddy Krueger visits his victims in their dreams.

This character was the villain in "The Shining." What's his name?

Jack Torrance wasn't always a crazed murderer. He was attempting to finish a book he was writing while also looking after a Colorado hotel when took a turn and tried to kill his family.

The villain in "Child's Play" isn't a human, it's a doll. What's this character's name?

Chucky is one of the popular "Good Guy" dolls that kids were in love with. However, the story takes a demented turn when criminal Charles Lee Ray is shot and ends up releasing his soul into one of the dolls before he passes away. Continuing Charles' legacy of evil, Chucky sets out to torture and kill the people in his path.

This villain is the one who spotted Dorothy's missing ruby slippers in "Return to Oz." What's the character's name?

The Nome King obtained his authority when he took over Emerald City and turned everyone into stone with the help of Dorothy's slippers. In "Return to Oz," Dorothy and her gang visit the Nome King with the hopes of reversing what he's done.

What is the name of the villain from "Teen Wolf?"

In a high school drama, Mick is the typical jock with the pretty girlfriend; the only difference is that he's up against Scott, a less popular teen turned werewolf. In the end, Mick has his downfall when he loses his girlfriend, and Scott comes out on top, making the winning shot at the school's basketball game.

Who's the villain in the "Christmas Story?"

Scut Farkus plays the bully in "A Christmas Story," tormenting Ralphie and his friends. However, Ralphie ends up attacking Scut, which is the last we see of this villain in this classic holiday film.

What's the name of the "Sleepaway Camp" murderer?

Angela Baker, formerly known as Peter Baker, had a traumatic childhood, which is part of what led her to commit murder at Camp Arawak. The same cycle continued in the "Sleepaway Camp" sequels.

Who's the villain in "The Terminator?"

The Terminator's purpose is just like it sounds: to terminate the life of this movie's protagonist, Sarah Connor. The mission to kill Sarah is in place because she's pregnant with the boy who will eventually save the world.

Who's the villain in "Karate Kid?"

As the bully in "Karate Kid," Johnny Lawrence got his confidence from being the best at Cobra Kai. While his character shows improvement toward the end, he remains an antagonist throughout the movie, getting in fights with all the main characters.

Can you name this villain from "Land Before Time?"

After losing one of his eyes, Sharptooth has a grudge against Littlefoot. This giant Tyrannosaurus Rex is on the prowl to kill whoever comes his way, including Littlefoot and his friends.

Do you remember this villain from "Beetlejuice?"

Beetlejuice is the main antagonist in the movie, making everyone he comes into contact with feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This ghost gets his name from his eating habits. He chows down on beetles, or basically any type of insect.

Can you name this villain from "Caddyshack?"

With a judgmental, elitist attitude, Judge Smails rubs everyone the wrong way. His lifestyle says it all: He runs a country club and is a fan of white pants and narcissism​.

Can you name the villain from "Platoon?"

Sergeant Bob Barnes was the obvious villain in "Platoon." Unlike Sergeant Elias, Sergeant Barnes was OK with torturing innocent Vietnamese, nor did he care what his troops did. To make matters worse, Barnes ends up killing Sergeant Elias.

Who is this villain from "The Princess Bride?"

Prince Humperdink married Princess Buttercup, but with ill intentions. However, she was never truly in love with him; she was in love with Westley. Prince Humperdink hired Vizzini to kidnap Princess Buttercup in order to start a war.

Do you know who the villain from "The Lost Boys" is in this photo?

This vampire is the leader of the group. He's a villain who is easier to like than most, but his true character shines through his manipulative and coercive behaviors with the other characters.

Can you name the villain from "Spaceballs?"

Dark Helmet and President Skooba were scheming to kidnap Princess Vesba. They were looking to go against Princess Vesba's dad, King Roland, and ultimately win over the code to the atmosphere.

Who is the antagonist in "Weird Science?"

Chet Donnelly is Wyatt's older brother and "caretaker" for the weekend when their parents go away. However, he spends more time tormenting Wyatt and his friends both physically and mentally.

Do you know who the villain in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is?

After Ferris calls off school to enjoy a day on the town, Principal Ed Rooney knows something is up. He set out to catch Ferris and get him in trouble for ditching class.

Who is the villain in "Red Dawn?"

In a fictional World War III, Colonel Strelnikov is a Soviet fighting against the Americans. While he has right-minded qualities, he's part of the invasion, so it makes him a natural antagonist.

Who is the villain from "Pretty in Pink?"

Steff's character is the stereotypical rich boy. Everyone can't stand him but wishes they had even a fraction of the wealth he has.

Can you recall who this pictured villain is in the movie "Road House?"

Brad Wesley runs a small town, doing whatever he pleases. When James Dalton comes into town and tries to switch things up, Wesley attempts him to set him straight, which involves an iconic shooting scene at the end.

Who's the villain from "Coming to America," pictured in this photo?

Darryl was involved with Lisa McDowell, but his bad qualities got in the way. He threatens Prince Akeem, who is also fond of Lisa, to win her back.

Can you recall who the villain is from "The Toxic Avenger?"

The Toxic Avenger, formally known as Melvin, wasn't always a scary sight. After suffering from burn damage and experiencing a dramatic change in growth, the once twig-like boy turned into a terrifying monster and killer.

Who is the villain from "Revenge of the Nerds?"

When a group of nerds decides they want to start a fraternity, Stan Gable and the Alpha Betas do everything they can to stop them. Abusing their power, the fraternity men also sabotage the nerds in a talent show.

What's the name of the villain from "Willow?"

Queen Bavmorda uses her power for no good. Desperate to claim the throne, she kills several family members and people of Tir Asleen. However, she runs into another threat to her royal power, an unborn successor to the throne​, whom she sets out to find and kill, as well.

Do you know who the villain is from "The Untouchables?"

Frank Nitti works in close contact with Al Capone. He's in charge of killing those Capone wants to be eliminated​, as well as support his other criminal endeavors like tax evasion.

Who's the villain from "The Color Purple?"

Albert is an abusive husband to Celie. He takes advantage of her to help with is familial responsibilities and underappreciates her. However, after some time with Shug, Albert's mindset and actions begin to turn around.

Which of the following characters from "Beverly Hills Cop" is the villain?

Victor Maitland is in the drug business. When he crosses paths with a cop, Axel Foley, Victor gets tangled in a web he can't get out of. With plans to kill Axel, Victor ends up being shot and killed by the cop, instead.

Who's the bad guy from the '80s movie "Wall Street?"

Gordan Gekko is a powerful, wealthy businessman with more power than he knows what to do with. He ends up getting in trouble with the law for insider trading and spends​ time in prison.

What is the name of the antagonist from "Dead Poets Society?"

Mr. Perry brings to life a well-known stereotype: the father who pressures his son, Neil into accomplishing something the son has no desire to do. To the dismay of Mr. Perry, Neil doesn't live up to the academic standards his dad set for him.

What's the name of the pictured villain from "The Little Mermaid?"

Ursula is a power-hungry villain who wants to take Ariel's dad, King Trident's place. She manipulates Ariel in the process by enticing her to leave her mermaid tail behind in search of love with a human, Prince Eric.

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