Quiz: Can You Match These Words to Their Synonyms?
Can You Match These Words to Their Synonyms?
By: Becky Stigall
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you have what most people would consider a sizeable vocabulary? Can you typically think of 5 different ways to say the same thing? Perhaps you rarely need a thesaurus since you can always conjure new ways of phrasing something on your own. If this sounds like you, you obviously have a vast knowledge of synonyms. Frequent use of synonyms can be a wonderful way to make yourself sound more intelligent whenever you speak or write. And if you can think of a bunch of different ways to say something, you will never find yourself at a loss for words!

Are you someone who knows there's always a superior word for what you are trying to say? Do you search for the right phrases when crafting an email, just to make sure everyone understands your objective? You are probably tremendously talented with synonyms, as finding the right word requires knowing what path to take when looking for it.

Your whole life you have picked up new and interesting words that make your language precise and clear. But can you beat our strenuous synonym quiz? There's only one way to find out! It's time to take the quiz and showcase your synonym skills!

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