Can You Match the WWII Operation to the Country Where It Occurred?
por John Miller
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At the beginning of Operation Overlord, Allied commander Dwight Eisenhower told his troops that “the eyes of the world are upon you.” Then, about 156,000 troops parachuted or flung themselves into waiting enemy guns in hopes of shifting the tide of World War II. Do you know where this famous attack occurred?

World War II was the scene of countless military operations, strewn all around the Earth. From the Western Front in Europe to the Pacific Theater, millions of men and women conducted the missions that ultimately helped the Allies beat back Axis aggression.

In our WWII operations quiz, you’ll man the Ma Deuce, pray you don’t see any Panzers, and sprint for cover to dodge German 88s. But do you know enough about the code names of WWII missions to survive our challenge?

More than 11,000 Allied aircraft were a part of D-Day. Many of those pilots kept watch over the biggest amphibious landing in human history. Do you know where that operation took place?

Another major operation happened in June 1941, but it was on the Eastern Front. More than 20,000 German artillery pieces took part in what turned out to be one of the biggest failed operations ever. Do you know who the Germans attacked?

Maybe you’ll triumph in the trenches. Or maybe we’ll gun you down ignominy with a fully-loaded Luger. Try our WWII operations quiz now!

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