Quiz: Can You Match These Bible Couples?
Can You Match These Bible Couples?
By: J. Reinoehl
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

God created couples from the moment he breathed life into Adam’s mate. (Sorry, we’re not giving away the answer to who that was. You can take the quiz to find out if you don’t already know.) Can you figure out who goes with whom in this Biblical couples quiz? Do you know the name of Joseph’s wife? How about Rebekah’s husband? What woman is Samson known for hanging around even though he didn’t marry her? Whether you think you can answer these questions or you want to learn more about the answers to these questions, this is the quiz for you!

Biblical couples not only give us role models for our own relationships but they also help us follow the lineage of Jesus and those important to his story throughout the centuries. As we follow the pairs through history, we learn that trusting God is important in any relationship. We also learn what not to do and how the polygamy practiced by some of these couples led them away from God’s plan for their lives and created more trouble for them.

Most of the Biblical couples you find here are pretty famous, but we have included a few to keep you on your toes. This “Can You Match These Bible Couples?” quiz is here to find out what you know about who went with whom. Show us you know the couples from the Bible and then challenge your friends to beat your score!

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