Can You Name All 40 Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors From a Description?

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While the base is not an overall favorite flavor, the namesake was a hit with almost everyone. Which flavor is it?

This flavor is clearly named after Bob Marley and one of his most famous songs. It's a banana ice cream with swirls of caramel and graham cracker. It also comes loaded with chocolate peace signs, signifying Marley's efforts for it.

You won't need a tent for which outdoorsy flavor?

Glamping is a combination of the words "glamour" and "camping." It's no wonder that the flavor itself is just as fancy. It features additions like crunchy pretzel and marshmallow swirls and almonds covered in fudge.

This flavor name might be confusing, but it is indeed a pint. Can you name it?

This flavor is essentially all the best part of an ice cream sandwich but in scoopable form. It's got vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies and copious amounts of fudge swirls.

Some things just are what they are. Which flavor pulls no punches?

Ben & Jerry's has had a long relationship with the band Phish, and this is the third flavor for the band. Not all made the cut, but this one digs way back to one that was considered for Phish food, then they enhanced it!

If it's snowing outside, that's the perfect time for which new flavor?

If you love mint, you will love this flavor. It's a dark chocolate mint base with almost s'more like additions. The ice cream also has a marshmallow swirl and more swirls of chocolate fudge cookies. Minter here you come!

Stand your ground and put this flavor in your shopping cart. Can you name the non-conformist flavor?

This flavor aims to bridge the gap between all the flavors. It has dark and white chocolate chunks and just about all of the nuts you can think of. Bringing all of the flavors together to harmonize as one, this flavor does.

Who says you can't eat ice cream for breakfast? Not Ben or Jerry. Which flavor will have you waking up on the right side?

OK, if you haven't tried this flavor of brown sugar ice cream with deconstructed sticky buns mixed in, you're missing out so much. It's sweet, creamy and crunchy from the pecans. Or is it pecahn?

Take your favorite summer holiday and put it in ice cream form. That's basically what is happening in which of the below flavors?

This patriotic ice cream flavor obviously has blueberries, but it also has raspberry and vanilla ice creams to round out the theme. There are also shortbread pieces in it, reminiscent of another summer treat, the strawberry shortcake.

You won't have to hide eating the best part of this dessert because it's the main focus of which flavor?

If you've ever hidden around the corner as you lick the batter off of your mixing spoon after making brownies, you need this flavor in your life. It has the magic elixir all down the center of the pint.

Named after someone who stays up way too late, which ice cream flavor won't make you choose between a cone or a cup?

This flavor is one of the many pop culture flavors Ben and Jerry have dished out. Named after Stephen Colbert, it features waffle cone pieces all throughout the pint.

No gymnastics skills required for which Ben & Jerry's classic flavor?

If you love the classic ice cream parlor dessert, you'll equally love this pint flavor. It's got all the same flavors like banana and strawberry, but with the beloved chunks of nuts and fudge.

When you're looking for a straightforward flavor, focus your sights on this fruity favorite. What's its name?

Sometimes it's better to keep it simple, and that's exactly what this flavor does. It's cherry ice cream with cherries and chocolate fudge flakes. It's also a tribute to Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead!

This was one of the original flavors for the creators. Do you know its name?

When Ben and Jerry did a focus group for this flavor, the one suggestion people made was putting more cookie dough in there. That's started the revolution of having the chunkiest, most filled ice cream out there.

This take on a well-known phrase takes on a whole new meaning with Ben & Jerry's fans. Can you name it?

You got it! This flavor basically has everything you could possibly want. It's got chocolate, toffee, nuts, two flavors of ice cream, peanut butter cups, man, we're out of breath already!

You won't need a bonfire to eat this, but you still get all that smoky goodness. Which flavor are we talking about?

Instead of marshmallow swirls, which would clearly be too basic, this flavor has straight up toasted marshmallow ice cream. Other classic flavors such as chocolate and graham cracker are making their way in.

Normally, you wouldn't eat anything done this way, but ice cream is different. Which is it?

Half Baked is another classic B&J flavor that features cookie dough and brownie pieces swimming within chocolate and vanilla ice creams. The dough and batter to ice cream ratio is right where you want it.

It's nice when your dessert is motivating! Which flavor will make anything seem possible?

This flavor is heavy on the caramel and equally as heavy on the cookie. It was created to be the ice cream version of the popular saying, "Keep calm and carry on." It definitely keeps the clever names coming.

This isn't the one from your childhood, but dare we say it's better? Which nostalgic flavor below is it?

The flavor of milk and cookies is one you'll never forget. Whether it's a chocolate sandwich cookies or the chocolate chip variety, this flavor appeals to everyone.

Take this flavor out on the town and see how many new friends you make. Can you name it?

This flavor was created in 1985 as a way for the ice cream friends to reach the great state of New York. They knew that if the flavor could make it in New York, it could make it anywhere.

We do love a well-done play on words. Which ice cream flavor name below doesn't disappoint?

This ice cream is like the best oatmeal cookie you've ever had, with ice cream on top. It's got the flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon and the chewy texture of oats. Pretty sure you can also eat it for breakfast.

Sweet and salty. Just how it should be! Which ice cream flavor nails the combination?

It's your favorite candy bar mashed up and put into ice cream. Peanut butter is sweetened up for ice cream base, and then the whole thing is loaded up with chunks of peanut butter cups. How could you go wrong?!

This common dessert, which is actually chocolate flavored, gets transformed into a frozen masterpiece. What is it?

Much like the actual cake version, this ice cream has a cream cheese frosting swirling itself around the cake flavored ice cream. Oh yeah, there are also chunks of red velvet cake, in case you thought they were missing.

This flavor takes vanilla ice cream and elevates it to a whole new level with silky swirls and a good crunch. Which is it?

There's no combination quite like vanilla, caramel and almonds. The only thing that makes it better is the addition of salt to the caramel. It really helps to balance out all that sweetness.

This one always gets a laugh, but it's no joking matter. Which choice delivers some serious flavor punch?

This flavor is named after, you guessed it, "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon. It also has almost every baked good flavor in one pint. There's cookie dough of the chocolate chip and peanut butter variety, plus brownie pieces.

Grab a pint of this and head up to your rooftop with a spoon to enjoy. Can you name the flavor that's making waves in the neighborhood?

Bourbon caramel swirls. Enough said. But if you want a little bit more, this ice cream flavor also has a burnt caramel base with almonds and those signature fudge flakes.

Fill up your freezer with this candy bar inspired frozen delight and wait for the craving to hit. Can you name it?

The name of this flavor changed once the company went non-GMO and Certified Fair Trade with all of its ingredients. They replaced a famous toffee candy bar with better ingredients for a more sustainable dessert.

Normally a tangy baked good, this flavor amps up an already flavor-packed dessert. Which one should be the center of your dessert universe?

The core line of ice cream is interesting because you get all the best flavor all the way down to the bottom. In this case, it happens to be a core of cookies and cream cheesecake. Sweet, tangy and crunchy. That's all you need, really.

If you can stay awake long enough to enjoy this without interruption you will be rewarded with dancing tastebuds. Can you name the flavor?

Whoever invented coffee ice cream should win an award. But the people who invented putting brownie batter swirls and fudge chunks in coffee ice cream should be president.

This ice cream has cookie swirl done right! Can you name the flavor with the most complimenting flavors?

Cheesecake ice cream. Graham covered cheesecake truffles. Chocolate cookie swirl. We'll let that sink in. If you love cheesecake and you haven't had this flavor, honestly what are you waiting for?

Yes, this is an ice cream flavor. Which flavor shares its name with a popular mall treat?

Save yourself a trip to the mall and just get this ice cream instead. With hunks cinnamon bun dough and a swirl of cinnamon streusel, it probably has more flavor than an actual cinnamon bun.

You don't have to wait for cooler temperatures and an early sunrise to eat which flavor below?

There's pumpkin flavored everything in the fall, but if you can get your hands on this pumpkin cheesecake flavor, you can eat it any time of year. It's perfect for right on the cusp of fall, but when summer ice cream is still a thing.

It'd be cool if you had an unlimited supply of this refreshing ice cream. Which flavor is it?

We're not sure when mint and chocolate cookies became a match made in heaven, but we're here for it. This flavor features mint ice cream and then is absolutely loaded with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies.

Not to be confused with the kid's character, this flavor will brighten up even the rainiest of summer days. Can you name it?

If you're lucky enough to get a free sample of this after a factory tour, consider yourself lucky. It's sweet from the strawberries and ice cream, but tangy from the cheesecake flavors.

Which dance move sounding flavor hits all the sweet, salty, crunchy and gooey notes possible?

If by kerfuffle they mean a total hodge-lodge of flavors, then yes, kerfuffle away. Have you ever heard of a salted chocolate ganache? Well, this flavor has it and you need it.

Keeping it more on the simple side with this one, which flavor will satisfy you when you can't decide what you want?

Even though this flavor seems simple, your palate will not be bored. It's also good for those nights when you just want something sweet and smooth, as there are no chunks involved in the making of this.

When it comes down to it, sometimes you just want a large amount of which salty snack?

What better way to satisfy your peanut butter craving than with an ice cream that has peanut butter cookie dough running down the entire center of it? We're drawing a blank.

This is for all you cacao lovers out there. Fill up on several mouthfuls of which flavor?

Did you know the brownies in this ice cream come from Greyston Bakery in New York? It's so nice knowing exactly what you're eating and where it comes from. Way to go Ben and Jerry!

Hubba hubba! This insanely classic Ben & Jerry's flavor is still going strong. Which is it?

Ah, yes. The famous Chubby Hubby. People love it because of the name, but this flavor was actually born out of a workplace trick. It ended up being so good that it became part of the ice cream flavor family!

Get a jolt with which flavor that has quite the word of mouth reputation?

If you wake up and just can't deal with another plain cup of coffee, scoop up a bowl of this instead. The ice cream is coffee, sure, but there's also espresso bean fudge chunks. Wake up and smell the ice cream!

Music inspires many Ben & Jerry flavors. Which one is a love-letter to a neighborhood friendship?

Fun fact! A portion of the band Phish's royalties from this ice cream go towards environmental efforts to help Vermont's Lake Champlain Watershed. Groovy!

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Opening up their factory in Burlington, Vermont, the ice cream took off. They use local ingredients as often as possible, and when they can't, they use only Fair Trade certified ingredients. You may have noticed a little bit ago that some of your favorite flavors changed their name. That's because the original candy additions didn't match the standards that Ben and Jerry wanted for their ice cream. Pretty cool, huh? You can even go on a tour and get a free sample of a flavor at the Vermont factory. While there, brush up on your flavor knowledge! Until then, take this quiz to see if you can name all of these Ben and Jerry ice cream flavors!

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