Can You Name All of These Fast Food Restaurants From Their Logos?

By: Lauren Lubas

No matter how many times McDonald's comes under fire for their low standards, treatment of employees and food quality, they seem to be thriving around the world. At one point, more people could identify Ronald McDonald than Santa Claus.

At one point, Subway was sued because their footlong sandwiches were only 11 inches long. This kind of false advertising didn't stop people from taking advantage of their $5 deals, though.

While the Burger King logo is easily recognizable, the mascot for this restaurant is even more recognizable ... mostly because it is the most terrifying mascot in the history of fast food representatives.

Taco Bell does not claim to be authentic Mexican food. Instead, it has a "Mexican inspired" menu that boasts items covered in nacho cheese sauce. Most of their food items might not be healthy, but they are undoubtedly delicious.

We can see Wendy Thomas in the commercials for Wendy's restaurants. While these restaurants aren't as common as a McDonald's, they are usually placed in areas that are easily accessible to the public.

It's time to make the donuts ... and coffee. While Dunkin' Donuts may not seem relevant to you, some people think that this breakfast place is the perfect way to get delicious coffee and donuts each morning.

Domino's Pizza is all about fast, cheap pizza. While many people forget that this restaurant exists, the fast pizza place thrives in college towns. Who could beat the price of a $5 pizza in no time flat?

While Chick-Fil-A has had its fair share of bad press (due to some issues with intolerance), it is still a thriving restaurant. If you like a little bit of sweetness and pickle juice on your chicken, you'd probably love this place.

Panera Bread is one of the greatest places on Earth if you don't mind spending a little extra money on your fast food. They make your food fast, everything is delicious, and depending on where you live, they deliver now.

Chipotle is what you get when you mix Taco Bell and Subway. You get to create your own burrito or Mexican dish by walking through and adding ingredients. Sure, it costs two extra dollars for guac, but you basically get three avocados worth of guac, so it's all good.

Who would have thought to turn two deep-fried chicken breasts into a bun and make a sandwich out of it? Kentucky Fried Chicken, that's who. You probably recognize the Colonel without a problem, but he may not have been happy with a bowl of gravy and cheese as a menu item.

Sonic has one of the most extensive fast food menus. It includes burgers, chicken, hot dogs and tons of different drink options. Of course, the two guys in the commercials are kind of dorky, but they sell the Sonic menu like nobody's business.

Little Caesars has an interesting business model. In general, their restaurants don't have dining areas, but they also don't deliver. They are simply a walk-up, buy and leave pizza place. They offer the $5 hot and ready pizza as a means of getting your food fast.

Jack in the Box boasts American food like jalapeno poppers and burgers while it also offers tacos, egg rolls various other items. If you want to sample food from around the world, this is the fast food restaurant for you.

Panda Express has a lot of fresh ingredients that it uses in making all of its dishes. While their food might be high in sodium, it also has some nutritional value to go along with it.

Those who have had Whataburger will tell you straight up that it is the best fast food place in the world. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not very well known across the country. However, it is a hit in many regions.

If you were ever wondering how Jimmy John's gets you sandwiches so fast that you'll freak, the trick is lowering their delivery perimeters ... that and they start making your sandwich as you're ordering it.

Five Guys has pretty standard burgers, but their fry seasoning is out of this world (pst ... it's just seasoned salt). Their fresh cut fries could take home endless blue ribbons, however.

Fresh grilled chicken, avocado, sour cream ... El Pollo Loco has some of the best fast food available, including their extra thick macaroni and cheese. It is highly recommended, as long as you have one in your area.

Del Taco has everything from chili cheese fries to cheeseburgers to a Mexican menu that rivals Taco Bell's. Need crinkle cut fries and a quesadilla? This is your one-stop shop for all of your fast food needs.

In-N-Out Burger boasts the best employee retention rate of any fast food franchise. This is probably because they pay their employees well, give them benefits and train them properly. They are an incredibly successful franchise and make quite a bit of money.

Not only are White Castle's sliders small, but they also have holes in them. This is so they cook faster with the power of steam. They might be plain, but they sure are delicious and salty and oniony and MMMMM.

Who would have thought that a little hut that serves pizza would make it so far? While their sales have been faltering in the last few years, they are introducing new things that include beer delivery for adults (in certain areas).

When you need the crunchiest fried chicken from a fast food place, you go to Popeyes. Their menu items scream Louisiana, and you can't miss out on their dirty rice. It is the perfect amount of spice.

If we have a Burger King, we have to have a Dairy Queen. While we think of blizzards and candy in soft serve ice cream when we think of Dairy Queen, they also have meal deals for the kiddos to enjoy.

While Carl's Jr and Hardees are going their separate directions (in the menu department), it is clear that these two restaurants are closely related, as their logos coordinate as well as their prices.

Zaxby's restaurants focus on chicken. They now have over 900 locations and counting. They are generally found in the American south, usually in states like Florida, Alabama, Texas and Virginia.

A butter burger and some custard ... what more could you ask for? A little more dairy in my dairy, please. These burgers are delicious, and their ice cream, er ... custard, is the best you'll find quickly and inexpensively.

While the thought of just eating wings doesn't appeal to many, Wingstop was always a great place to go if you were about to have a party. Their wings are reasonably priced, and their sauces are noteworthy.

While Jason's Deli seems to cater to nearly every mid-level event, people never seem to know where they are located. The restaurant is one of the leading competitors of Panera Bread Company.

While Baskin-Robbins used to boast 34 flavors of ice cream, but these days they have over 50 flavors ... you know, for when you want a little taste of everything. You can even get ice cream cakes there.

Noodles & Co. has seemed to make it well past the gluten-free phase that America has been a part of for the last five years. It isn't necessarily against gluten, but the owners of the restaurant simply know that carbs are delicious.

Many don't know that Sbarro Pizza has been around since the 1950s. Although most of us know Sbarro Pizza places from the food courts at the mall, they were actually founded in New York City.

Most Boston Market restaurants have quietly disappeared over the years, but you can still find them peppered throughout strip malls in the Midwest. Their new menu features gluten-free, all natural ingredients.

Carl's Jr. doesn't just have burgers. They also carry menu items that include onion rings, chicken strips and cookies. While many would go to a McDonald's before a Carl's Jr, this restaurant has a lot of great deals.

When you think of fast food, you probably rarely think of getting seafood. However, if that seafood is fried from frozen, you probably would be less likely to throw up when you see it and smell it. Thanks, Long John Silver's.

Krispie Kreme donuts have been around for a long time. You can hear their name in rap songs, but the best part about these donuts is their freshly made warmth and deliciousness. Oh, and if you go there, you can watch them make the donuts.

Easily the grossest fast food award goes to Chuck E. Cheese's. Not only can you get better quality out of a Red Baron frozen pizza, but a lot of the time, the pizza you receive there isn't even cooked all the way.

That's right; it's a brand of root beer and a burger place. The best part of an A&W burger is the mustard. They use French's mustard, and it just goes so well with their meat patties ... and a root beer float, of course.

Burger Chef has been around since 1954. It began in Indiana but is now spread throughout the United States as well as Canada. They are currently owned by the same company that owns Hardee's.

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Fast food restaurants have been a staple in American households since the 1950s. With ingenious marketing techniques and promises of quick service, most parents find fast food to be a simple meal solution while most children find the treat to be exciting and fun. For this reason, it's nearly impossible to see fast food restaurants fading from public favor anytime soon. Even with everything we've learned about the health hazards and warning standards of these major companies, fast food restaurants are seeing record sales and pushing for more space in suburban and urban lots. Think about it; depending on where you live, you may find that there is a McDonald's restaurant nearly every mile, and if you don't have one in your town, there is always one the next town over. 

While there are dozens of different fast food restaurants, some of them are regional and can't be found in some regions of the United States. While others are national (and international) and can be found in nearly every city and town you step foot in. Whether or not you have visited every fast food chain available, you can probably recognize their logos from a mile away. Now, it's time to see if you know which fast food restaurant you're passing if you see the sign on the highway. Take this quiz to test your fast food knowledge.

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