Can You Name All of These Hairstyles?

By: Talin Vartanian

Popular in the 1960s, the beehive consists of a very high "bump" in the back, sculpted with teased hair and bobby pins. It is the epitome of volume and requires quite a bit of hairspray to hold.

A bob haircut is short in length and can be angled in many different ways. This hairstyle typically consists of a single layer, but multiple layers can be added for dimension.

Braided hair is ideal for those with long hair and is perfect for a casual look. Braided hair also offers a beachy or wavy look when undone.

A high bun is perfect for someone who wants to keep their hair off of their face. This bun can also be adjusted to create a messy look, or woven tightly for a glamorous look.

Cornrows are essentially many small braids that are woven individually. The process can take a very long time to complete, but can add a unique aspect to an outfit.

Crew cuts are short hair for both women and men alike. This type of cut can also be styled using gel or enhanced with hair clips or pins.

Layered hair adds quite a bit of dimension to any look, and it works on both long and short hair. These styles are also great for framing the face.

A messy bun is a perfect casual look that requires little to no maintenance. Also known as a loose bun, a messy bun is great for informal events.

Perms were big back in the '80s, and they involve chemically curling the hair. This is a great hairstyle for those who want a drastic change from having straight hair.

A low bun is like a high bun, but much lower! It's the perfect style for anyone who wants a more formal look, without all the effort and time.

Similar to the crew cut, a pixie cut is very short in length, but it features some longer hair on the top and sides. This is considered to be a very low-maintenance type of hairstyle.

A ponytail is a great option for athletes or for a casual day out. This style can also be worn high or low.

A shaved head is the ultimate low-maintenance style. If your hair is severely damaged from over-coloring, or if you're going for an edgy look, a shaved head may be the look for you!

A short slicked look is perfect for those who already have short hair. It requires a little bit of water, a comb and a few products (like gel or mousse) to hold the "slicked" hair back.

A side swept look features a deep side parting of the hair. The look is perfect for those with medium length to long hair.

Bangs are shorter pieces of hair that can be styled on the front or sides of the head. They offer a timeless look for just about any length of hair.

Otherwise known as beachy hair, tousled hair consists of very loose waves. This look is also relatively low-maintenance and for some hair types doesn't require a lot of product to hold.

This hairstyle consists of a top knot that utilizes the "upper half" of the hair. The bottom half remains loose and can be straightened or curled.

A shag is a great style for short to medium-length hair. This style can be created by parting the hair to the side and cutting in some extra layers.

A low ponytail can make for an elegant look. This hairstyle can be created with straightened or curled hair, as well as with a centered or side part.

A midi cut is the perfect middle ground between too long and too short. The ends of the hair stop at the collarbone, making this an easy hairstyle to maintain. Retro styles often start with this cut.

A faux perm highlights the look of a vintage perm, but without the chemical processing. A thin curling iron may be used to create tight curls.

The Farrah, named for Farrah Fawcett, has made a big comeback from the 1970s. This hairstyle consists of a volumized look with minimal curled or feathered layers.

Long and sleek hair can be achieved using a simple flat iron tool. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and is perfect for formal and informal events.

A cropped cut works with just about any short length of hair. This hairstyle also features precise styling and geometric ends.

Textured hair can be achieved through ample amounts of mousse or gel. This hairstyle features "piecey ends" that add dimension to both long and short hair.

A deep side part is exactly what the name says: it's a hairstyle that features a part on the side, rather than a part on the top of the head. This hairstyle can work for long, medium or short hair.

This hairstyle features no part on the top of the head. This can be attained by combing the hair directly back and holding it in place with product.

Retro curls are a take on the classic perm look. This hairstyle features large curls that are blow-dried and held together using mousse.

Feathered bangs were popular in the 1980s, but have since made a major comeback. This hairstyle features soft and "piecey" bangs that aren't overly done.

The fishtail braid is an updated version of the classic braid, and is considered to be moderately difficult to achieve. This hairstyle is timeless enough to be worn to both formal and informal events.

Finger waves are created using your fingers - and a lot of hair product! Popular in the 1920s, this hairstyle was known as the flapper look.

Space buns are worn high on the head and are tightly woven together. This is a unique look that enhances an edgy appearance.

The bowl cut works on short hair to create an upside-down bowl look. It's considered to be both edgy and unique.

A long bouffant consists of a "bump" in the back of the head that is achieved through a process called "teasing." This is a perfect hairstyle for long hair.

This vintage look consists of long hair in the back, and short ends at the face and on the top. It was a classic look worn by both men and women.

A sock bun is a medium-high length bun that is tightly woven together. To achieve the look, one must use a sock (with the toe part cut off) that is rolled to look like a doughnut.

During the era of the hit TV sitcom "Friends," Jennifer Aniston showed off this iconic haircut. It features a medium-short length with "piecey" layers.

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About This Quiz

Throughout recorded history, hairstyles have been used to enhance the looks of men and women alike, to display differences in class, culture and personality. From bobs and layered cuts to tousled textures and braids, there are a variety of hairstyles for just about any length of hair.

One classic hairstyle dates back to the 1920s era, when flappers used to style their hair using their fingers. This was known as "finger waves" and has since inspired updated looks like perms, retro curls and the coveted "beachy waves" look. Hairstyles have evolved over time, with the mullet and perm now seen as classic 1970s looks. Hairstyles are also heavily inspired by TV shows, movies and even celebrities. Some of these styles include "The Rachel" and "The Farrah." The Rachel was an iconic hairstyle that was worn by Jennifer Aniston's character in the show "Friends" and features short, layered textures.

This quiz will display a wide range of hairstyles from all kinds of eras. Do you think you know the difference between a bob and a French braid? Or how about the difference between a layered look and a long and sleek look? Take the quiz now to test your knowledge - and perhaps to inspire your next makeover!

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