Can You Name All of These Star Wars Characters From a Screenshot?

By: Emily Hough

Yoda was the first to realize Anakin's future. Early on he sensed the darkness in him and advised the Jedi Council not to approve of his Jedi training, which they did not, at first. The Council later reversed their decision.

Lucas chose the name "stormtroopers" when he remembered the Nazi stormtroopers of WWI. The German empire used these soldiers to infiltrate the battle lines. Stormtroopers would "storm" the trenches of the battlefield, both in reality and on film.

For one character, Boba Fett has popularity and the most actors. Eight actors have played Fett. When the original actor, Jeremy Bulloch, had to miss filming one day for a play production, a fill-in had to be cast. In later episodes, instead of suffering the cost of flying in Bulloch to screen a few scenes, Lucas decided to have some of the crew wear the suit in various short scenes.

Though the line "Luke, I am your father" is very often quoted and assumed to be a line from "Star Wars," that's not actually correct. It is one of the most misquoted lines in cinematic history. The line was actually "No. I am your father," after Luke told Vader that Obi-Wan said Vader killed his father.

Darth Maul was a Sith Lord, looking for revenge. He fought with the distinguishable red double bladed lightsaber and his power was underestimated.

What can you tell about your friends from the way they smell? Well the Jawas use smell to understand each other in addition to having their own language that is based on Zulu. Jawas have a strong body odor because they believe it to be a waste of water to wash.

Luke knows nothing of the truth of his past or his family until Obi-Wan shows up. Soon Luke receives the excitement in life that he was seeking, when he seeks to become a Jedi Knight.

Chewbacca is one loyal Wookiee. He is short-tempered but never wavers in his loyalty to his friends. After being given orders to kill Chewie, Han instead saved him. Chewie considered himself to be forever in Han's debt. They became a dynamic duo and extremely important to the Rebel success.

The infamous Sith Lord, Darth Vader, was not always so evil. Once a Jedi training with Obi-Wan, he betrayed the Jedi and shifted sides. He fathered Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

As part of the royal family of Alderaan, Bail served beside Padme Amidala before secretly adopting her daughter, Leia. He died when his planet was destroyed by the Death Star.

BB-8 was the new model clever droid who escaped into the desert when his partner, Poe Dameron, was captured by the First Order. Everyone was soon searching for him - the Resistance, the First Order, and the galactic underworld - but Rey, not knowing what he held, helped him escape trade while simultaneous trying to get him to leave until he became a trusted sidekick in her new adventures.

What actor doesn't want to be or play Han Solo? If not Harrison Ford, it could have been any number of well-known actors. Among those who auditioned were Al Pacino, Nick Nolte, Christopher Walken and Kurt Russell.

C-3PO was built by Anakin Skywalker and later, through Anakin, was introduced to R2-D2. The two became a close duo and both separated from Anakin when he turned to the dark side. They went on to serve the Rebels.

Rancor are reptilian beasts that are a favorite among galactic gangsters. Jabba the Hutt kept one to execute anyone he was unhappy with by eating them. Luke killed his rancor and escaped doom. Jabba was enraged and ordered a public execution - which obviously didn't work out either.

Leia Organa led the Rebels as Princess Leia. She was a feisty character who didn't take guff from anyone, including Han Solo. Even in captivity, some would say she was no ordinary captive as she was simply waiting things out util she could make a move or gain information.

In an act of intentional progression, Valorum asked the Jedi Knights to help break the Trade Federation's blockade on Naboo. He was betrayed by Palpatine, who manipulated the Senate into electing him into office.

Poe was a trusted and skilled fighter for the Resistance. Just before he was captured, he hid the star chart in his BB-8 unit. A rogue stormtrooper, itching to get out of the First Order, helped Poe escape.

Jango's DNA was used to create clone warriors. Boba became one of the most well-known characters in the "Star Wars" universe and was actually an unaltered clone.

Obi-Wan didn't know what he was in for when he agreed to train and mentor Anakin Skywalker. He was grief-stricken when he found out that Anakin was the initiator of the order to exterminate the Jedi.

Jar Jar had the best intentions and enough political ambition to earn some good connections - but also some doormat roles. He did play key parts in some conflicts, but his willingness to please and be noticed was taken advantage of by some. He also wasn't much of a fan-favorite.

Admiral Ackbar spoke one of the most famous lines in Star Wars history -- "It's a trap!" However, this was a last minute decision, as this line was not even found in the script. It was originally written as "It's a trick," but producers thought it did not convey enough power.

Yaddle sat on the Jedi Council alongside a similar-looking, Yoda. She was also known as "The One Below."

Jabba was a sluglike space version of The Godfather. Not caring to take sides or meddle in politics, Jabba was self-contained despite the Empire's efforts to manipulate his loyalty by attempting to frame the Rebels for his son's kidnapping - which backfired, by the way.

Grievous was a Jedi hunter, that is until he met Obi-Wan. Even though he was scary, his strategy was to run from a fight, but Obi-Wan wasn't having that. After being captured by Grievous, Anakin and Obi-Wan escaped with the help of R2-D2 and Obi-Wan shot Grievous, killing him.

Looking like the abominable snowman, the Wampas lived on the ice world of Hoth. Luke found himself a victim of a hunting Wampa, when he awoke in its chambers hanging from the ceiling. He used the Force to escape.

R2 would seem to be the ultimate droid. In addition to serving many others, he served both Luke and Anakin Skywalker. However, he was able to resist Anakin when he turned to the dark side.

Mace always suspected Anakin's relationship with the dark side, even when it wasn't evident. He felt that his emotions would get in the way of his Jedi training and denied approval. His suspicions were confirmed when Anakin stopped him from killing the Sith Lord Palpatine.

Even though the first movie was a box office breaker, Lucas insisted on filming "Empire Strikes Back" on his own dime. He wanted complete control over production. Unfortunately, after going $10 million over budget, Bank of America cut Lucas off and he had to ring up Fox for funds.

Bounty hunter Bossk was a partner to Boba Fett but later became a rival when he was recruited by Vader to capture the Millenium Falcon. Bossk had no loyalties though - he considered bounty hunting a paycheck no matter who signed it.

When you are flying through space, especially around the Hoth's asteroid belt, be careful which cave you choose to hide in. Leia and Han were nearly devoured after Han mistakenly flew the Falcon down the throat of an exogorth.

A renegade stormtrooper, FN-2187, had an identity crisis, not wanting to be what he was groomed to be. Somehow this stormtrooper found his conscience and desired to leave the First Order. He saw an opportunity when Poe was captured. He helped Poe escape and was given a new name - Finn.

Working as a double agent, Palpatine was both a Sith Lord and a seemingly trusted colleague of Queen Amidala. As a master manipulator, he convinced the people to elect him chancellor and later emperor. We blame him for Darth Vader's birth, as he is the one who manipulated Anakin into the Dark Side.

Shaak Tii served as a trainer for the clones on Kamino, balancing that with her duties to the Jedi Council. She questioned the clones' original purpose.

Theaters were not hip on the idea of showing "Star Wars," especially since they were highly anticipating another 20th Century Fox film to receive popular attendance at the same time. Fox required every theater showing "The Other Side of Midnight" to also screen "Star Wars," which was actually an illegal move. "Star Wars" became the highest grossing box office movie, while "Midnight" didn't even cut $25 mill. Fox was fined $25,000 for requiring theaters to show "The Other Side of Midnight."

The script that Lucas originally submitted to Fox was more than 200 pages long, quite longer than the normal script of 90-125 pages. He had to cut it down, but took what he cut and made it into the following two movies of the trilogy. So instead of one act, we got three!

"Star Wars" should be notorious for characters who have a shift in mentality. Anakin to Vader, stormtrooper to Finn, Kylo Ren, and so too Lando. He gave up smuggling and his love of money to help the Rebels in the fight against the Empire. He proved himself invaluable.

Mon Mathma saw through Palpatine's intentions and disagreed with his policies. She worked in secret with Organa in plotting a rebellion against the Empire, while keeping her place in the senate. After her public defiance of Palpatine, she secretly ran and set the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance.

Greedo was hired by Jabba the Hutt to bring in Han Solo. In the infamous bar scene, fans have questioned "who shot first," but no matter who it was, Greedo was the unlucky one.

Wooed by Anakin but separated in morals, Padmé Amidala grew concerned that those close to her were headed to the dark side. When she questioned her close friend Palpatine after he was named Emperor, Palpatine attempted to kill her, but she was rescued by Obi-Wan and taken to a medical facility. There she gave birth to twins, Luke and Leia, and died.

In "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," a shocking piece of information was revealed - Kylo Ren was actually Ben Solo, the son of Leia and Han. It was an eerie parallel opposite to the Luke-Vader relationship.

Another side switcher, Count Dooku was trained as a Jedi by Yoda before leaving the light to join the dark side, but in this case Dooku learned the hard way that evil is betrayal. When caught in the midst of two light sabers, including his own, held by Anakin, Palpatine encouraged Anakin to kill Dooku.

Qui-Gon Jinn rescued Anakin from slavery as a boy and vetted for him to be trained as a Jedi. Initially his request was turned down. Qui-Gon Jinn was loyal to the Force. Had he not consistency defied the Jedi Council, he would have been elected to sit on it.

Wedge was another defector in the "Star Wars" world. Lured by the prospect of success and promise, he was recruited by the Empire and joined the Imperial Academy. Later he defected to become one of the greatest pilots for the Rebellion, helping to take down the Death Star.

Rey went from scavenger to hero. She was captured by Kylo Ren but defeated him with Luke's lightsaber, which lured her to its location. Everything fell into place for Rey to be a heroine - BB-8 found her, she had a run-in with Finn and they joined forces, and she had the mechanical skills to get any ship she touched flying.

Wicket W. Warrick - Warrior Ewok. Wicket was not happy with the Imperial invasion on his home in the forest of Endor. He watched and learned, carefully planning how to take out the Empire, when he had a chance encounter with Leia Organa that set his plans into full force. He joined the rebellion and played an integral part in the destruction of the Death Star.

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