Can You Name All of These "Veggie Tales" Characters?

Ashley Palkovics

We'll start with an easy one. Who is the red-colored co-host of the show?

Did you know that Bob was partially based off of Mr. Rogers? He definitely has that vibe to him, but a bit more on the negative side. This practical-minded tomato is voiced by co-creator Phil Vischer.

He serves as the butler to Larry Boy! Which veggie speaks with an Oxford English accent?

The stuffy, monocle-wearing asparagus known as Archibald also serves as the butler/sidekick of Larry Boy in the side-franchise, though in the original 3-D animation series he is dubbed "Alfred" instead.

He's an adult male asparagus. What is Junior's father's name?

Mike Asparagus hasn't actually been "Mike" for very long. He was referred to as "Dad Asparagus" for several years until having a name introduced in later installments. Mike is happily married with two children, and has a recurring role as the voice of reason for Junior.

We'll tell you that they're siblings, but who are Percy & Li'l?

These peas are not to be mixed up with the French Peas, as they have entirely different characters in the show. No French accents either, but they do on occasion appear next to their pea companions in stories.

What is the name of the computer that Bob & Larry talk to at the end of each show?

The name "Qwerty" comes from the first six letters found at the top of a keyboard. The gender of Qwerty has switched throughout the series, but it is officially considered genderless.

Which character played Old Mother Hubbard?

Grandma Gourd wasn't introduced until the "Sumo" special released in 2004. She later appeared as a side character in various Silly Songs. She often has non-speaking roles, but is occasionally voiced by Keri Pisapia.

What character often plays Larry the Cucumber's love interest?

Petunia's first real role in the show was in 2005, where she played the "Ruth" character of the feature "Duke & The Great Pie War." She is considered the strong young female lead of the show.

He's GIANT according to the rest of the veggies. Which kind of vegetable plays the villain Goliath?

Hence the name "Dave & The Giant PICKLE". This large vegetable is originally seen being taken down by Junior with simply a slingshot and rock. He does not appear in any other stories later in the series except in small cameos during "Josh & The Big Wall" & "Madame Blueberry".

What group of veggies are one of the most recurrent villains on the original show?

The running joke with this trio is that they've "been around since show one and [they] still don't have a name". The Scallions have never appeared as more than three individuals. During "Lyle the Kindly Viking", Big Idea released a poll letting fans vote on a potential name for the character, but it was never used.

What is the name of Archibald's wife?

Archibald didn't receive a wife until after a year of the show being on the air but still has not received an actual name. On one occasion he did refer to her as "Lovey." The character is voiced by G. Bock.

Who is Larry Boy's nemesis?

His minions are portrayed by "The Radishes." This not-so-sweet potato made his first appearance in the Larry Boy movie series in 2015. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen, but is not featured outside of the "Larry Boy" universe.

Which of these characters acts as both a co-host and superhero figure of the show?

Larry reprises his role as "Larry Boy" in a multitude of straight-to-video features, as well as playing a main crew member of "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything." He is voiced by co-creator Mike Nawrocki.

Who sings the song "Lost Puppies" in the Esther adaptation?

Characterized by her twitching eye and uncomfortable demeanor, Miss Achmetha is a green onion who primarily plays as supporting cast in Silly Songs. She is granted her first appearance in the Esther story as a very bad singer attempting to impress Mr. Nezzer.

Who is Mr. Lunt's girlfriend?

Her first appearance was in the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" movie in 2008. She since played other roles as supporting cast, such as in "It's a Meaningful Life" and "The Good Egg of Gooseville." She is voiced by Keri Pisapia.

These brothers are often seen as a pair. What are the names of the squash siblings?

This comical duo are partially based off of the "Alice in Wonderland" characters Tweedledee and Tweedledum. They appear very early on in the series and are considered main cast to this day.

Who was the bowling champion from "Larry's High Silk Hat"?

Art Bigotti is a fictional famous person from the VeggieTales series. He is first mentioned in the "Fib from Outer Space" movie in which Junior breaks his dad's collectible Art Bigotti plate.

Who is the only other food-but-non-vegetable character (in the Netflix series)?

If anything can bridge the gap between the veggies and other food, it would be bacon. Bill got his start in the Netflix series and has not been confirmed to appear in the remake. He is closest to Larry the Cucumber, who he sees as an older brotherly figure.

Which of these is the real name of Frankencelery?

He hails from Toledo, Ohio and sometimes hides in Junior's closet. Phil Winkelstein has been around since the release of the first VeggieTales feature in 1993. His most notable roles are in "Where's God When I'm S-Scared" and in the barbershop quartet in "The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps".

What is the name of the half-worm half-caterpillar from "Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie"?

This wormy companion got his first role in "Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie". He is characterized best by his thick Indian accent and select sense of humor. He is not to be mixed up with the bacon character from the Netflix series, who is technically still considered food.

Who is the schoolyard bully who appears with Junior in the series?

Among his credits are the Larry Boy spin-off series, and "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's." Don is portrayed primarily as an antagonist for Junior, first appearing in "Bully Trouble." He is voiced by Brian K. Roberts.

Which character starred in the very first VeggieTales video "Where is God When I'm S-scared?"?

At the start of the series, Jr is estimated to be about 5 years old, and yet somehow ended up as a member of the in-universe boy band "Boyz in the Sink." He lives with his parents and his little sister.

Which scallion made his first appearance in "The Star of Christmas"?

This character is known for having a cockney accent, a type of London-area dialect. His typical trope is that of a hermit-type, and he has appeared in titles such as "The Ballad of Little Joe" & "Lord of the Beans."

What group was inspired by "Monty Python & The Holy Grail"?

Oui Oui! This group of comical peas is headed by Jean Claude & Phillipe, who got their debut in the feature "Dave & The Giant Pickle." Their annoying, persistent jabs toward others were inspired by the guards of Monty Python who tormented those below the wall. We can definitely see the similarities...

Every heroine needs a sidekick. What is the name of Petunia's celery best friend?

Her first appearance was in 2015 during the Netflix series' airing. She assists Petunia in running her flower shop in the show, and hasn't had much airtime aside from that. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Who is the carrot with the heavy Scottish accent?

While Scooter doesn't appear as often as some characters, he has a recurring place in the Larry Boy series as a police officer. He also played supporting cast for the "Star of Christmas" movie.

Junior Asparagus' sister has a name, too! Can you guess what it is?

Libby didn't actually exist until her premiere in 2012. Junior's first appearance was in 1993. That technically makes her at least 19 years younger than him. She is voiced by Megan Murphy.

She's so blue, she's so blue, but what is her name?

This blueberry got her origins from a French story published in 1856 called "Madame Bovary". Her character makes a few appearances throughout the show later, including a recurring role as the Mayor of Bubblyburg in the Larry Boy series.

Who is the granddaughter of Grandpa George?

She may look like a grape, but indeed Annie is a green onion! She is seen primarily alongside her family in the series. This character is actually voiced by the co-creator Phil Vischer's daughter, Shelby Vischer.

Which veggie/fruit pair is almost always seen as a unit in the original series?

Mabel Pear & Penelope Asparagus are a pair of secondary characters who often play roles such as "servants" or "wives" in various shows of the series. They also often happen to be allied with the antagonist of the stories they're in.

Who plays Larry & Petunia's daughter?

Sara's full name is Sara Crewe, and she often portrays the child of Larry & Petunia. Her first appearance was in 2012 in the feature "The Penniless Princess." She is voiced by Anna Grace Stewart.

Junior Asparagus' best friend is a regular on the show. What is her full name?

Laura is a 6-year-old carrot who often plays the young female lead in stories that call for such, like "The Princess & The Popstar." She is officially Junior's best friend, according to the creators of the show.

Which potato celebrity was introduced in the Netflix original series?

This character, while beloved by the characters of the series, is exclusive to the Netflix original. They're considered the positive in-universe personality that pushes people to do their best.

What zucchini got his name from the King of Babylon?

The full name is actually Nebuchadnezzar (try spelling that without looking). Introduced in 1995, Mr. Nezzer made his first appearance in "Rack, Shack, & Benny". His title came from the original name of the King of Babylon, and has since stuck with his character.

Which character, unlike the others, has hair?

Larry was *quite* jealous of The Peach's beautiful hair that he could use a hairbrush for. This character is only ever referred to as "The Peach" despite his later appearances in "Oh! Santa" & "Merry Larry".

Junior & Lisa's parents got names eventually. Who is Mike Asparagus' wife?

Like her husband, Lisa Asparagus was referred to as "Mom Asparagus" in the early features of the show. She made her first appearance in the first video from 1993. She has been voiced by various voice actors, but as of recently is played by Tress MacNeille.

Who sits on Larry's high silk hat?

Did you know the shirt he's wearing says "Gourd's Gym"? VeggieTales always has room for subtle parodies. This gourd has made appearances in the "Jonah" movie, "Sumo of the Opera," and "Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue."

Which gourd is known for his hybrid Spanish/New Jersey accent?

This eyeless decorative gourd is both a member of the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything," "Boyz in the Sink," and in early episodes is often characterized as a villain.

Who is Bob & Larry's neighbor from the Netflix series?

Ichabeezer only appears on the Netflix series, and is a grumpy zucchini who lives next to Bob & Larry. He is often portrayed as a negative figure toward Bob & Larry as they navigate the show.

What is the name of the grandfather fruit who holds a spot in the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"?

In a pretend interview created by the Big Idea team, Pa Grape is stated to have been held back from second grade for 13 years. Yikes! His first appearance was in the "Grapes of Wrath" special, and is voiced by Phil Vischer.

Who is Pa Grape's son?

His sister's name is Rosie, and his mother is referred to as Ma Grape. Tom's first appearance was in "God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?", and followed by two others. Since this, he and his family (aside from Pa Grape) have not been featured in any other shows.

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