Can You Name All of These '90s Baseball Movies?

By: Olivia Cantor

"A League of Their Own" has a stellar cast: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell, to name a few. It was a hit back in 1992.

John Goodman stars in "The Babe." It’s about Babe Ruth—the player, not the candy bar.

"The Sandlot" is one of the most endearing kid-focused baseball movies ever. Every baseball-loving kid should watch this.

"Angels in the Outfield" is a feel-good baseball movie released in 1994. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the little kid in the middle of this story.

Robert De Niro stars in "The Fan." Wesley Snipes is also in here.

"Taking Care of Business" is not strictly a baseball-centered movie. But the World Series is an important event here.

Charlie Sheen still appears here in "Major League II." Go Cleveland Indians!

"Rookie of the Year" is actually a comedy. But it’s more of a fantasy, since the story elements are quite unbelievable.

"The Scout" stars Brendan Fraser. He was really popular during the ‘90s.

Starring Tommy Lee Jones as Ty Cobb, this 1994 film has a unique take on the biopic. Well, if the subject is controversial, it’s understandable.

"A Kid in King Arthur’s Court" was released in 1995. It’s about a kid who time travels back to the era of these British knights.

Kevin Costner stars in "For Love of the Game." He sure did love starring in many baseball flicks!

Matt LeBlanc stars in "Ed." Yes, there’s also a chimp there.

"Little Big League" is a 1994 fantasy film about baseball. It’s fantasy if a baseball kid ends up managing a pro team!

Tom Selleck also played baseball characters. He did here in "Mr. Baseball."

"Mr. Destiny" is a coulda-woulda-shoulda kind of film. It involves recalling past glory and how things might have changed, if not for one event.

Yep, Rosie O’Donnell had another baseball-themed movie in the form of "Wide Awake." But did you know that M. Night Shyamalan directed this dramedy?

"Talent for the Game" stars Edward James Olmos and Lorraine Bracco. It’s mostly a drama.

"The Man From Left Field" is actually a 1993 TV movie. It stars Burt Reynolds.

"Dorf on the Diamond" is a 1996 film. It’s a comedy.

Yep, "Baseketball" is a mash-up sports movie. It’s about baseball and basketball at the same time!

"Pastime" is a 1990 sports drama film. The story is set in the late ‘50s though.

"Soul of the Game" stars Blair Underwood and Delroy Lindo. It was shown back in 1996.

Patrick Swayze plays a mysterious guy here in "Three Wishes." The baseball sub-themes here play a crucial part in the drama.

"Simon Birch" is more of a coming-of-age film than a sports film. But baseball plays a big role here in the characters’ lives.

"The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson" is an interesting TV movie aired in 1990. The racial discourse is an interesting topic here.

"The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg" is a 1998 documentary about another baseball legend. This time, it’s about the first Jewish baseball star.

"If The Sun Rises in the West" is a Korean film released in 1998. This one’s about an aspiring baseball umpire.

"The Comrades of Summer" is a TV movie comedy made in 1992. It stars Joe Mantegna.

"Problem Child" had significant Little League scenes, that’s why it’s here. But the incorrigible child’s idea of sportsmanship is a bit twisted …

"Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns" is actually a great collection about the sport and its players. This was one of the many topics explored by the filmmaker during that era.

Baseball plays a huge bonding tool in "Hook." It’s the game the captain tries to play to win over his nemesis Peter Pan’s son.

Richie Rich is an unforgettable character. His character develops anew when he met sandlot kids playing baseball.

Tom Cruise’s character in "A Few Good Men," Lt. Daniel Kaffee, plays baseball a lot instead of working on some legal cases. It’s a character quirk that’s also a revealing trait.

A baseball game event becomes a pivotal plot device in "3 Ninjas Kick Back." The 1994 film is a sequel to the interesting 1992 hit.

"Dave" has an interesting baseball scene that reveals a lot about the main character. The presidential character throws the first pitch in a game there.

"Men in Black" has an interesting baseball scene, and a pivotal one at that. It’s actually at the climax of the movie.

This high school initiation flick has crucial scenes that took place in a baseball field. It’s one of anticipation of violence, that’s why the game was so stretched.

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About This Quiz

Baseball is probably one of the world's favorite sports. Americans know this world! It's the country's favorite ballgame! There's nothing like watching this game take place on the diamond, to sit with friends at the bleachers and eat all-American snacks while enjoying every inning.

And for those who like watching movies as well, the treat to binge-watch movies about this sport is just equally as enjoyable, and the movies are usually shorter than the average baseball game! There are so many sports-oriented movies that have been made in cinematic history. But perhaps there's nothing more popular than a baseball movie. Sure, there are a lot of soccer movies, martial arts movies and American football movies out there. But baseball movies are just a special bunch.

It's interesting to note that the '90s produced a lot of these great and nostalgic classic baseball movies. There were those made for adults, those that focused on children and those that were period films as well, portraying baseball in earlier eras. 

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