Can You Name All of These Asian Capitals?
by Olivia Cantor

Welcome to one of the most diverse, most eclectic, and most dynamic continents in the world: Asia. Think you can tell us what the capital cities of these countries are? Open the quiz to test your travel knowledge!

People outside of Asia often have many misconceptions about the continent, its countries, and the cities they have. But that's how most human beings feel about lands unfamiliar to them anyway. However, with the advent of 24/7 cable television content feeding, and of course the always-plugged-in life we now have due to the internet, we feel that we are exposed to many places that were alien to us when we were smaller or when we were growing up.

Now that we have all come of age in the digital age, we are more familiar with places that are not that far to begin with. And for some of us who want to see and explore the world, well, we just pack up and go! And one of the favorite destinations of those kinds of people is Asia. Even Asians love traveling within their region because it is indeed such a dynamic place that offers varieties of experiences for all of your senses.

So test yourself if you're up to it. Start by knowing the capitals of the countries of Asia. And if you get surprised to see the name of a country you thought was on another continent, well, prepare yourself! For indeed, some countries here also share boundaries with other continents, so it's truly that diverse!

Open the quiz and travel now!

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