Can You Name All These Asian Snacks?

By: Elizabeth Lavis

Bubble tea is a whimsical beverage that is widely loved in Asia. The tapioca balls are largely tasteless, but they add textural interest to the drink, and people swear that they level up the drink.

Pocky is one of the most popular sweet treats in Asia. It consists of buttery cookie sticks dipped in chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, matcha green tea or other flavors. Get Pocky at any 7-Eleven on the streets of Bangkok. Yum!

In Korea, there's only one snack that you go to when you want your chocolate fix: Choco Pie. This treat offers plenty of chocolate and marshmallow for the ultimate satisfying snack.

When it comes to street treats, you can't beat a piping hot bowl of noodle soup. Each vendor is different, infusing the broth with aromatic ingredients for a stick-to-your-ribs meal that will satisfy even picky eaters.

Sesame balls, which are filled with sweetened red bean paste, are the perfect bite. Not only are they sweet and satisfying, but they also keep you full during a long day. They are the perfect travel food, and the sesame seeds add a nice crunch too!

Stinky tofu is certainly an acquired taste, but once you get used to it, you love it. The smell comes from fermentation. It's funky, sour, sweet and filling, all at the same time. The streets of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan are full of stinky tofu.

Haw flakes are made from the fruit of the hawthorn tree, a species indigenous to China. These pale pink discs are perfect after school favorites for Chinese kids (and for adults too).

Taiyaki are sweet, fish-shaped Japanese cakes that are almost too cute to eat. They make the ultimate street food and totally hit the spot. Find taiyaki stalls on the streets of major cities in Japan.

Dried mango is one of those things that you need to try to completely appreciate. The mango is chewy, sweet and separated into bite sized pieces. It is the perfect on-the-go snack.

Dried seaweed is one of the most popular snacks in Southeast Asia. The combination of fishy seaweed and salt is a truly addictive one, and it is available in convenience stores all across the region.

Botan Rice Candy is so tasty because it's not overly heavy. This light candy has a hint of citrus and a whole lot of satisfying crunch from the rice. The rice paper layer is part of the edible fun. It's a great treat on a hot day.

Many Nepalese people consider momos to be the best comfort food in the world. These delicious dumplings are usually steamed, but they can be fried or baked as well. They are delicious any way that they're prepared.

Prawn crackers are delightfully light, fluffy crackers that have a powerful punch of shrimp flavor. They are sold in 7-Elevens all over Asia and are a favorite quick and tasty late night snack.

Sugarcane juice is popular in parts of India, and it's easy to see why. This juice is light and sweet; it's the perfect refresher on a hot day. You can see it made in stalls right on the street.

Dried squid is one of the most popular snacks in Southeast Asia. The pungent squid packs a fishy punch, and the crunch is totally infectious. It's one of many fish-themed treats in the region.

Thai tea is a sugary beverage that combines traditional tea with sweetened condensed milk and loads of sugar. It's served over ice and is considered one of the tastiest beverages in Asia.

Indian samosas are on the menu at almost every good Indian restaurant, and these flaky triangular dumplings are certainly second to none. They can be found all over the streets of Delhi.

Red beans might seem like a strange thing to put in a dessert, but in Hong Kong, red bean ice is a local favorite. It's not too sweet, which makes it a unique alternative to other icy drinks.

Mooncake, shaped like the full moon, is a traditional Chinese sweet that is eaten during the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, to bring good luck. Filling options include red bean paste, pandan mung bean paste, lotus seed paste and durian. Some even have a duck egg yolk in the center.

Kaya toast is popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. It relies on the sweetness of kaya jam for its unique flavor. Kaya jam is made with coconut, egg and caramel, and it is said to be totally addictive.

Preserved plums are alternately very sour, sweet and salty, and they're one of the most popular "leisure food" snacks in China. Their flavor is strong, but once you get used to them, you may like them very much.

Chicken satay is insanely popular in Asia, and you can even find it in many places all over the world. The combination of succulent chicken with peanut sauce is a tried and true winner.

Aloo bhujia is one of the most popular snacks in India. IMashed potatoes and chickpea flour are combined with traditional spices, then run through a sieve and fried, for an addictive and satisfying treat that is sold in convenience stores all over the region.

Mochi are small glutinous Japanese rice cakes, flavored with any number of different things. They are often filled with traditional flavors like matcha and red bean, but they can also contain vanilla, chocolate or caramel.

Chocolate mushrooms are a cute and whimsical spin on Pocky. The chocolate part tops off a shortbread stick, and this dessert is big in Japan, where it is widely sold. We promise that it doesn't taste like mushrooms.

Roti is originally Indian, but you can find it all over Asia. It's delicious when served piping hot, and generally it is flaky and flavorful. Crown it with ghee, or with sugar and butter for a sweet treat.

Wasabi peas have crossed the pond and are popular all over the world. They combine the addictive taste of wasabi with crunchy dried peas, and they are sold in single serve or family size bags.

Rolled ice cream is a treat that is made right in front of you by combining different flavors into cute rolls with a scraping tool and a special roller plate. It's an Asian favorite and a totally refreshing treat.

Rice crackers can be found on the shelves of 7-Elevens all over Asia; they're one of the most popular snack foods in the region. A bag really hits the salt spot as a light and crunchy treat.

The banh mi sandwich is a delightful mix of meats and vegetables on a crispy toasted baguette. You can get one on just about any street corner in Vietnam and in some parts of Laos. These days, you can probably find one near you in the U.S. as well.

White Rabbit Candy is a sweet Chinese treat that incorporates milk and sugar into a chewy candy that even has an edible rice paper wrapper. You can find it in convenience stores all over China.

Green papaya salad is one of the most popular authentic foods in Thailand. In addition to being extremely healthy, it's also totally delicious, combining salty, sweet, sour and bitter in one beautiful bite.

Lychees are a favorite fruit in Asia, so it's no surprise that lychee jelly is a refreshing dessert. Lychee jelly comes in individual plastic pods for easy consumption, and you can easily eat several.

Egg coffee is big in Vietnam. The frothy whipped egg yolk gives the drink a creamy consistency,and it gets a boost from sweetened condensed milk. It takes regular coffee to the next level.

Mango sticky rice is a surprisingly delicious dessert that combines sticky rice with fresh mango and sweetened coconut milk. The result is refreshing and light. Mango sticky rice is sold all over Thailand.

Roasted chestnuts are a delicious Vietnamese specialty — they taste amazing hot out of the oven. They are sold in most major cities all over Vietnam and make the perfect travel food.

Almond cookies are very popular all throughout Asia. Every country has its own version, but they are all light and fully flavored. You can pick up a pack in 7-Elevens all across the continent.

Muscat Gummy Candy is refreshing, grape flavored gummies from Japan. They have a huge cult following, and if you can't hop on a transatlantic flight to Japan, you can buy them on Amazon.

Khanom tako pheuak is a custard served in banana leaves. It's steamed in the leaf and eaten right away. There are plenty of people making this treat all over the streets of Thailand. Delicious!

Yakult is a probiotic beverage designed to aid digestion, and it is a popular snack in Asia. It's sweetened with all sorts of flavors, including apple, grape and orange. This good-for-you treat is super tasty.

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From sizzling and tempting street food to the vast offerings of Asian 7-Elevens, there's no shortage of amazing food in Asia. 

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Asian food is famous for uniting the elements of salty, bitter, sour and sweet in a beautiful marriage that elevates each component and makes us want to come back for more. Even better, each new country you visit brings fresh delights. Each of the snacks in this quiz is popular because it has elevated the idea of snack food to brave new levels. You will never look at boring gas station nachos the same way again! 

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