Quiz: Can You Name All of These Capitals of The Americas?
Can You Name All of These Capitals of The Americas?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

We are all familiar with the modernly western vibe of North America, the eclectic and dynamic vibe of Central America, and of course, the diverse and mysterious appeal of South America. But can you pinpoint the names of the capital cities of these countries of the Americas? Try your hand at doing that with this fun quiz!

It's no wonder that the world knows much about North America. A lot of the world's current pop culture favorites come from this region of the world, thanks to Hollywood. But Central America and South America also have a lot to offer when you travel in their areas. And now, we see them a lot in many food and travel shows on television. Films have also celebrated some of these regions' areas, especially those that have very colorful cultures.

It's very entertaining to realize just how diverse the Americas are, in the first place. Just look at the languages used in the region and you'll get a glimpse of how versatile the people are in these places. Add that to their arts, their cuisine, and their lifestyles, and we're sure visitors would want to stay a bit longer when they visit.

So hop on in and visit, even if just a while, via this quiz of the capitals of the Americas. Let's go!

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