Quiz: Can You Name All of These Celebrities from "Dancing with the Stars"?
Can You Name All of These Celebrities from "Dancing with the Stars"?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Dancing With The Stars

About This Quiz

"Dancing With The Stars" has been on for more than 25 seasons now, and if that doesn't scream success, we're not sure what does. Part of the reason why this show has caught on is that we get to see some of our favorite celebrities compete for the Mirror Ball trophy. The show is entertaining because these stars, who are normally praised for being so great at what they do are completely thrown for a loop and have to learn dances that some of them aren't necessarily good at. We get to see the stars struggle and open up in a way that we don't normally get to witness- so it's no surprise that this show has caught on like wildfire. It's also the reason why other countries have also made their own versions including Thailand, Greece, Ireland, and Australia to name a few. 

What we want to know is whether you've been a fan from the start and if you've been paying attention to the ongoings of the DWTS world. We want to find out if you can name some of the best and most notorious celebrities who have appeared on the show. Oh, we won't make it easy by only giving you contestants who have appeared in the past few seasons; we're going all the way back to season one!

So, if you think you can pass this test and correctly match the stars to their name, let's get started on this quiz. 

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