Quiz: Can You Name All of These Classic American Muscle Cars?
Can You Name All of These Classic American Muscle Cars?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: shutterstock

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Pretty much every car lover's dream, muscle cars came to prominence in the 1960s. 

Do you have a favorite? Maybe it's the original muscle car, brought to the world by Ford in the early '60s, or perhaps it is one selected from a stable of pony cars brought to the world by Chevrolet.  Every major car manufacturer in America had its own model at one time or another.

But what defines a muscle car, do you think? Well, without a doubt, you need to start with the engine. If it doesn't have  V in its name, it certainly isn't the engine of a car that can be defined as a muscle car. 

All muscle cars are either powered by a V6, or better yet, a V8 engine. 

And then, the body. 

In the '60s, muscle cars were big, bold and brash, with most taking the form of a 2-door hardtop. Some convertible versions were available and a fastback styling was also loved by enthusiasts.

You would agree, then, a big engine and a certain styling make the perfect muscle car.

Now would you be able to identify classic American muscle cars from just a screenshot?

It's not as easy as you might think ...

Why not give it a go and beat the rest of the pack!

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