Quiz: Can You Name All of These Coast Guard Cutters from a Photo?
Can You Name All of These Coast Guard Cutters from a Photo?
By: Staff Author
Image: m.czosnek/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Semper Paratus- Always Ready!- is the motto of the US Coast Guard, and fewer organizations follow those words more closely. Seas and waterways can be  terrifying places, filled with danger both to commerce and peoples' very lives. The United States has an unimaginably vast series of waters to navigate, from the enormous Atlantic and Pacific coasts to the myriad rivers that snake down its inland regions. It is the United States Coast Guard that takes responsibility for safeguarding these waters, a staggering and often thankless task that stretches its manpower and technology to the very limit. 

The Coast Guard is responsible for halting smuggling and human trafficking before it can reach the shores, for rescuing the sick and wounded from endangered vessels, for aiding in the navigation of nautical hazards and even for protecting the environment from pollution and degradation. With a fleet of nearly 250 so-called "cutters" and other vessels, the US Coast Guard by itself is the 12th largest navy on Earth! These vessels are enormously flexible and more than capable of performing the many different missions that the service is called upon to do as part of its day-to-day labors. 

How well do you know the cutters of the US Coast Guard? Prove your nautical prowess by clicking on this link and showing you have what it takes to run with the best!

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