Can You Name All These Crops?

Lauren Lubas

These are beautiful flowers that everyone can recognize, but what crop is yielded from them?

Sunflower seeds don't just show up in your local grocery store. They come from sunflower fields. These gorgeous (and huge) flowers are grown in Russia and North America for commercial use.

Can you name this oilseed crop that is grown in the Midwest?

Soybeans are one of the most versatile crops in existence. Nearly everything can be made from soy, including meat substitutes, oils and milk. As people learn more about animal products, the demand for soy products has risen.

Do you recognize this crop that is the main source of gluten?

Wheat has two parts: erm and gluten. In recent years, genetic engineering and selective breeding of the plant has given produced more gluten without giving us more germ, which is why many more people are suffering from gluten sensitivity. We're overdosing on it!

They look like bananas, but do you know what these are called?

What happens when a potato and a banana have a baby? The plantain happens (this is not a scientific fact; it's just what plantains taste like). In 2008, nearly 35 million tons of plantains were produced.

Do you know what these tubers are called?

Sweet potatoes aren't potatoes at all. While they have the same consistency as a potato and, they're a little sweeter, they are different in too many aspects to call them a potato.

Can you identify this versatile crop grown in the United States?

Corn is used in everything from the cereal you eat to the fuel in some vehicles. This versatile crop can help you fight your gluten sensitivity and give you a delicious snack at the movies.

What is this crop that will make you cry?

Yellow onions are used in virtually every savory recipe known to man. They are sweeter white onions, but when they're raw, they can be a little more potent than the purple onion.

Which crop sweetens our cereal and is used in livestock feed?

This natural sweetener can also be used to make ethanol. The thing farmers like about this crop is that it can grow even when there is a drought, making it easy to sustain without GMO assistance.

What is this crop for which the state of Idaho is known?

China currently produces more potatoes than any other country in the world. If you're wondering where your French fries come from, you will probably need to do a little research.

Can you name the crop that is grown in orchards across North America?

You might be shocked to know that there are around 7,500 different varieties of apples that grow around the world. However, only about 100 of these varieties are commercially grown in the United States.

These are ranked fourth in the world's most important crops. What are they?

Bananas can be found around the world, and are grown in more than 130 tropical countries. These fruits are an excellent source of potassium and can thicken up your morning protein shakes.

These are generally harvested in the fall. Can you name this crop?

Pumpkins won't stop growing as long as they're on the vine. For those who grow pumpkins for contests, the one thing they have to make sure is that the pumpkin doesn't get so big that the vine breaks. The largest pumpkin to ever be recorded weighed more than 2,500 pounds.

This crop is highly controversial, do you know what it is?

For the most part, tobacco is grown in the Southeastern areas of the United States. While many believe that this product should be banned, it employs nearly 100 million people around the world.

Can you name this crop that is grown to make bread and beer?

If you've ever had rye bread and rye flour, you know that rye is a grain that is very heavy and has a distinct flavor. However, it is also used to make beer, whiskey and even some vodkas.

Which crop is grown as food for both livestock and people?

There are many different varieties of oats that are sold in the United States. Many people like them because they are gluten-free; however, a lot of oats are contaminated with gluten as they are processed in the same facilities as wheat.

One of our presidents owned a farm with this crop. What is it?

Jimmy Carter gave up his peanut farm when he became president, but peanuts are still grown throughout the American south (Georgia produces 42% of America's peanuts), and they play a large role in our GDP.

What is the name of this bean crop?

While it may look like an ivy bush (even though ivy doesn't grow in bush form), the lima bean plant can reach 12 feet high. These beans are high in potassium and can be very filling.

What are these root vegetables that can stain your hands at first touch?

Let's face it, beets taste like summer grass (yes, we've tried that too) and turn your teeth a lovely fuchsia color, but their health benefits lead people around the world to use them in salads and juices.

This root veggie can be made into fries or slaw. Can you name it?

If you've never had jicama (pronounced hick-a-muh) you might be pleasantly surprised. It doesn't have a bold flavor, but the consistency and starchiness make it very much like an apple.

What is this crop that helps make a Caesar salad?

Of the five different varieties of lettuce, many people choose romaine for its thicker (meatier?) texture and bold crunch. This lettuce can withstand nearly anything you put on it, including everything that layers up a Caesar salad.

Can you name the crop that bunnies like to eat?

Carrots come in a variety of colors and flavors. Purple carrots have a little bit of a peppery taste, while lighter carrots are sweeter. However, most people go for the standard orange carrot that Bugs Bunny likes to eat.

Here is a fruit that grows fast and is used in meat substitutes. Do you know the name of this giant crop?

The jackfruit is actually related to the fig. While many people have never heard of this fruit, it recently reached the United States as one of the most sustainable crops on the planet. The trees grow very quickly, it doesn't take long for the fruit to ripen, and it's pretty delicious.

When your sandwich has sprouts on it, it usually has these sprouts. What are they?

Unlike bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts have a distinct grassy flavor. Many people like to add them to salads and sandwiches because they give a little bit of a crunch and add an earthy flavor.

The greens of this crop are poisonous. Do you know its name?

Rhubarb looks a little bit like bright red celery, but it has an interesting sour flavor that pairs well with strawberries (and other berries). That's why people love making strawberry rhubarb pie.

These are delicious on burritos. What are they?

Black beans can be made into refried beans or make a great addition to a corn and black bean salsa. They are generally grown in North and South America and can also be found in Creole foods.

What do you call these little trees?

Like cauliflower, the demand for broccoli has grown since the gluten-free, carb-free craze began. When you "rice" broccoli, the texture holds up and gives you a nice bite when eaten.

Can you name this crop used to make 'ants on a log'?

Celery is one of the most important vegetables as it adds flavor and vitamins to soups and stews. It is one of the key components in a mirepoix (celery, carrots and onions as a base).

Do you know the main ingredient in pesto?

There are many varieties of basil, but most people can recognize Genovese basil with its large rounded leaves. If you are lucky, your basil will grow like a weed once it's planted, because that stuff is expensive.

They look like carrots, but they're a little different. Can you name this root vegetable?

Parsnips are what happens when you take a potato and breed it with a carrot. Well, that's not how they were made, but when you consider taste and texture, that is what you get.

What is the name of this root that helps settle your stomach?

Ginger is a very versatile root. While you can find it in the spice aisle, the fresh stuff gives you a cleaner, fresher flavor in your Asian cuisine as well as your protein shakes.

There are dozens of breeds of this crop, and most people use it in Italian sauces. What is it?

From plum tomatoes to heirloom tomatoes, these fruits (yes, they're considered a fruit) have various flavor profiles from sweet to bitter that make them one of the world's leading crops.

Which leafy crop has a prize in the middle for anyone patient enough to get there?

The heart of the artichoke is surrounded by fibrous hairs known as the choke. If you have enough patients, you can get to the sweet, soft center and reward yourself with a delicious bite.

Can you identify this crop that helps us make refried beans?

While most of us know pinto beans as the mashed up refried beans we get in a can from the grocery store, these protein-packed beauties can do pretty much anything.

What is this crop that functions as the main ingredient for classic coleslaw?

Just because cabbage smells like a bodily function when you cook it doesn't mean you can't make some delicious stuff with it. From slaws to cabbage rolls, you can get just about anything from this crop.

Do you know this crop that finds its way into many Asian recipes?

At first, bok choy looks like an odd mix of celery and fennel. However, this delicious green if pumped full of vitamins and minerals. It has a little bit of a bitter taste if you don't cook it properly.

This crop is well-known for changing the way people's urine smells. Can you identify it?

Asparagus really does change the way your urine smells, but the health benefits of these little spears outweigh the weird bathroom encounters. While asparagus can be difficult to cook right, always remember to go the simple route with it.

Can you name the crop that used to be a garnish and now ends up in protein shakes?

If you haven't had kale before, you should probably know that it is virtually inedible when it is raw. Though people have acquired a taste for it, you may remember it lining restaurant buffets and salad bars.

What is the name of this crop that can be found in pods?

Peas are rather versatile in their structure and how you can prepare and eat them. You can chop up the entire pod and add it to a salad, or you can add them to a stir fry to give it a little crunch and sweetness.

Do you know this crop that is essential for Italian cooking?

The flavor of garlic can change dramatically depending on how you prepare it. If you roast garlic, it becomes sweet. If you fry garlic, it is savory. One thing is for sure; no matter what you do with garlic, it is delicious.

Some people like to turn this crop into "rice." Can you name it?

In the gluten-free and low-carb era, people are looking for different ways to trick their brains. Many have found that cauliflower can be an excellent substitute for rice and potatoes (if you like mashed potatoes).

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