Quiz: Can You Name All of These Famous Veterans from an Image?
Can You Name All of These Famous Veterans from an Image?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: photo by Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons /. By David Shankbone from Wikimedia Commons / By Denis Bourez from France via Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

Did you know that Bea Arthur, yes the Golden Girl, was a truck driver in the United States Marine Corps? We kid you not! And she's not the only surprising one. There are 50 others we're about to quiz you on! Think you have what it takes to recognize these famous military vets? Will you march to the front lines with pride? Or will you bite the bullet and sink your ship? We're about to find out!

You see, there are more military veterans in Hollywood than you think, and they're not all from the time of the Draft, like Clint Eastwood and James Earl Jones. Did you know that even today's famed Star Wars actor Adam Driver enlisted in the United States Marine Corps following the attack on 9/11? We won't mention that he was medically discharged for a non-service related back injury... read: mountain biking accident! OK, we just did.

But no matter how old or how long they served for, the fact is, they are veterans. Regardless of being drafted or enlisting voluntarily, they all pledged to honor our country and knew the risk of making the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America.

So how many of them do you actually know? It's time to find out! Don't go AWOL on this quiz! Be sure to put your best left, left, left-right-left foot forward and march on! Good luck and remember, keep your head down out there!

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