Quiz: Can You Name All of These Las Vegas Casinos?
Can You Name All of These Las Vegas Casinos?
By: Maria Trimarchi
Image: YouTube

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Can you tell the Venetian from Caesar's Palace or the Golden Nugget from the Mirage with just one glance? Know which casino soars the highest above the Strip, or which is shaped like a giant glass pyramid? Any idea which of these mega-resorts contains real canals, complete with gondolas, or features an entire set of thrill rides on the roof? If you know everything there is to know about Sin City, try your luck with this Las Vegas casinos quiz!

Believe it or not, Las Vegas as a gambling mecca began with the construction of the Hoover Dam in 1931. With lots of labor needed for such a huge project, the population of the city quickly swelled from 5,000 to around 25,000. Most of those new residents were single men looking for some fun in their free time, so the state legalized gambling and issued the first casino licenses in 1931. 

Early on, the action was centered around Freemont Street downtime, but in 1941, El Rancho became the first casino to open on what is now the Las Vegas Strip. Growth was slow and steady until Howard Hughes moved into the Desert Inn in 1966, later buying it and investing millions into the area. By the '90s, Las Vegas had become one of the gambling capitals of the world, with each new casino builder trying to top the last in terms of cost, elegance, and attractions.

Think you can name every Vegas casino from a single picture? Take this quiz and find out!

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