Quiz: Can You Name All of These Military Tools From a Photo?
Can You Name All of These Military Tools From a Photo?
By: Valerie
Image: Wiki commons

About This Quiz

What the heck is a military tool? Well, just like any pursuit, the military employs specific tools of the trade to get certain jobs done. If you think you know the military well enough to name each of these tools, take this quiz.

But first, let's talk about the kinds of tools the military uses. We can all agree that one of the most fundamental military tools is the firearm. Fortunately for you, the US armed forces use dozens of different types of guns - from handguns to rifles, to shotguns, to carbines, to submachine guns, to anti-tank guns, to assault weapons - and that's not counting the firearms that are no longer in service or obsolete. With literally hundreds of guns to choose from, we could have made this quiz all about military firearms, but we wanted to mix it up with other military tools.

In addition to firearms, the military uses grenades. But did you know that, like firearms, there are more than a dozen grenade types currently in active service, and more than a dozen more that have been removed from service because they are obsolete? We think we can all agree that the military has a host of tools to do the job.

Let's find out how much you know about military tools.

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