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Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? To catch them all was Ash Ketchum's real test, and this quiz is yours! With hundreds of Pokemon out there waiting to be caught, how much do you know about them? Enough to fill a pokedex?

In 1996, Satoshi Tajiri started a movement. With his creation of Pokemon, he would create a franchise that would nearly all tons of medium from gaming and TV to movies, comics and toys. It all began with a few games that were released for Nintendo Game Boy. In 1997, the animated series followed with its star, Ash Ketchum. 

Right after his 10th birthday, Ash Ketchum starts the journey to becoming a Pokemon master. This is when the animated journey of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle begin. At this time, Pokemon took the world by storm. The franchise would go on to release trading cards, multiple films, the real-life app, Pokemon Go, and enough successful games that it is the second best-selling video game franchise after Mario. 

Since the Pokemon journey began in 1996, over 800 Pokemon have been introduced to the world. While some of them are unknown, how well can you remember the most popular? 

Which phase does Charmander turn into before becoming Charizard? What is the name of the blue and white Pokemon who likes to sleep? If you can answer these, you're well on your way to becoming a Pokemon master!

Are you ready to duel against this quiz! Pikachu, I choose you!

What dragon shaped, fire-type Pokemon can learn the move Flamethrower?

The correct Pokemon is Charizard! Charizard is able to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard Y and Mega Charizard X by holding a Mega Stone while the trainer holds a Key Stone.


What Pokemon evolves into Persian?

The correct Pokemon is Meowth! Meowth evolves into Persian and travels with Team Rocket as they cause mischief throughout the show. Team Rocket's Meowth is able to talk.


What Pokemon's entire body is made of magma?

The correct Pokemon is Slugma! Slugma's body circulates magma. The magma on the Pokemon can harden if the temperature drops, and in some cases it can break off.


What electric mouse Pokemon is the mascot for the franchise?

The correct Pokemon is Pikachu! Pikachu was Ash's first Pokemon in the television series. It originally didn't like Ash but warmed up to him as time went on. Pikachu is a main character in the series.


What Rock-type Pokemon makes tunnels in the ground?

The correct Pokemon is Onix! Onix digs tunnels underground and even has a magnet on its brain to understand where it is going while underground. Brock had an Onix which he used to battle Ash in the Pewter City Gym. Onix was later passed on to Brock's brother.


What Bug-type Pokemon evolves into different Pokemon depending on its gender?

The correct Pokemon is Burmy! The male evolves into Mothim, and the female evolves into Wormadam. If Burmy turns into Wormadam, it will have a permanent cloak that is chosen depending on the last cloak that Burmy had.


What Fire-type Pokemon closely resembles a lion?

The correct Pokemon is Litleo! Litleo looks very much like a lion and lives on a pride according to its Pokedex entry. Heat intensifies in Litleo's mane depending on the strength of its opponent.


What mythical Pokemon has the genetic composition for all Pokemon?

The correct Pokemon is Mew! Mew is a mythical Pokemon that has the genetic composition of all Pokemon. Attempts to clone Mew resulted in Mewtwo being created. Mew is able to use invisibility whenever it pleases.


What Ice/Flying-type Pokemon is one of the Legendary Birds?

The correct Pokemon is Articuno! Articuno is one of the Legendary Birds. It is the Ice-type within the Trio. The Pokemon creates snow that falls when it flies.


What genderless Water-type Pokemon can restore its own health when hit by a water type move?

The correct Pokemon is Suicune! Suicune is one of the three Legendary Beasts. Due to being part of the Undiscovered Egg group, the Pokemon is unable to breed.


What Fire-type Pokemon that resembles a bird has a flame inside of its body?

The correct Pokemon is Torchic! Torchic has a flame that burns inside of its body that allows it to shoot fireballs. It was a starter in games of Ruby and Sapphire.


What Pokemon evolves into Arcanine using a Fire Stone?

The correct Pokemon is Growlithe! Growlithe evolves into Arcanine using a Fire Stone. James from Team Rocket had a Growlithe in the television series when he was a child. His Growlithe was named "Growlie".


What Electric-type Pokemon resembles a squirrel?

The correct Pokemon is Pachirisu! Pachirisu creates fur balls made of electricity and stores them in trees much like a squirrel would. Dawn has a Pachirisu in the television series that she uses to battle.


What Pokemon is able to freeze its own fur to create needles?

The correct Pokemon is Glaceon! Glaceon is the Ice-type evolution of Eevee. Glaceon can freeze its fur to create needles as well as freeze the air to create diamond-dust.


What Psychic-type Pokemon can protect its trainer using the jewel on its forehead?

The correct Pokemon is Espeon! The jewel on Espeon's head gives the Pokemon the power to protect its trainer. It is very loyal to its trainer. Espeon is the Psychic-type evolution of Eevee.


What mythical Psychic/Grass Pokemon came back in time from the future?

The correct Pokemon is Celebi! Celebi travelled through time from the future. The Pokemon can be summoned with a Time Flute.


What Dark/Fire-type Pokemon fights among its pack to determine a leader?

The correct Pokemon is Houndoom! Houndoom fights among its pack to determine a leader, and the leader has horns that go straight to the back. Houndoom's howl has the ability to make people feel fear.


What Normal-type Pokemon can change color?

The correct Pokemon is Kecleon! Kecleon can change color depending on its surroundings and mood. The Pokemon can also change its type in battle, taking on the type of the move that was last used on it.


What Pokemon hides behind waterfalls to shed its skin?

The correct Pokemon is Dratini! Dratini is a snake like Pokemon that hides behind waterfalls to shed it's skin. It does this due to its endless supply of life energy.


What mythical Bug/Steel Pokemon is the last in the Unova Pokedex?

The correct Pokemon is Genesect! Genesect is the last Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex and the 649th in the National Pokedex. Team Plasma modified Genesect so that it had a cannon on its back.


What Poison-type Pokemon has two heads and hovers in the air?

The correct Pokemon is Weezing! Weezing is made up of two heads that exchange gasses. The Pokemon loves garbage and loves to live where there is lots of garbage for it to go through.


What Pokemon is only really able to splash around?

The correct Pokemon is Magikarp! Magikarp can't really do much except splash and jump, but it can survive in extremely dirty water. It evolves into Gyarados!


What pink and white Water/Rock-type Pokemon can shed and regrow the branches on its body?

The correct Pokemon is Corsola! The branches on Corsola can break off, but they are able to regrow within one night. The Pokemon does not evolve.


What Normal-type Pokemon can cry until it exhausts itself?

The correct Pokemon is Whismur! Whismur can cry at an extremely loud pitch until it completely exhausts itself. The Pokemon evolves into Loudred which later evolves into Exploud.


What Normal-type Pokemon needs three other Pokemon present to awaken it?

The correct Pokemon is Regigigas! Regigigas needs Regice, Registeel and Regirock present so that it can awaken. The Pokemon also creates other Pokemon which it can control regardless of whether it belongs to a trainer or not.


What Fighting/Psychic-type Pokemon only eats one berry a day?

The correct Pokemon is Meditite! Meditite does hardcore mental training and as part of that, it only eats one berry per day. Shauna had a Meditite in the television series.


What Legendary Dragon/Flying type Pokemon is part of the Weather Trio?

The correct Pokemon is Rayquaza! Rayquaza played a large part in the Emerald Pokemon games stopping two other legendary Pokemon, Kyogre and Groudon from fighting.


What Pokemon is made up of spirits that were confined in a Odd Keystone?

The correct Pokemon is Spiritomb! Spiritomb is made up of 108 spirits that were confined to the Odd Keystone. The item summons Spiritomb.


What Rock-type Pokemon throws tantrums when it dislikes something?

The correct Pokemon is Tyrunt! Tyrunt is a Dragon/Rock-type Pokemon that is restored from the Jaw Fossil. It evolves into Tyrantrum. When it doesn't like something, it will throw a tantrum. The Pokemon's jaw can crush a car.


What Fire-type Pokemon is a starter in the Pokemon X and Y games?

The correct Pokemon is Fennekin! Fennekin is the Fire-type starter in the Pokemon X and Y games. Fennekin can evolve into Braixen and later, Delphox. In the television series, Serena owned this Pokemon.


What Psychic-type Pokemon can eat dreams?

The correct Pokemon is Munna! Munna can eat the dreams of both people and Pokemon. The Pokemon can use Dream Mist to display the dream that it has eaten. With a Moon Stone, Munna can evolve into Musharna.


What Pokemon is a Water-type starter in the Johto Region?

The correct Pokemon is Totodile! Totodile is the Water-type starter in the Johto Region. It has an extremely powerful bite and it evolves into Croconaw.


What Normal-type Pokemon's fur can be styled in 9 different ways?

The correct Pokemon is Furfrou! Furfrou has fur that can be styled into many different styles that last for 5 days. In the television series, they were noted in Ash's Pokedex for protecting the Kings in the Kalos region.


What Dark-type Pokemon is known as the disaster Pokemon?

The correct Pokemon is Absol! Absol is known as the disaster Pokemon because after its appearance a natural disaster occurs. The Pokemon can evolve into Mega Absol with the use of the Absolite.


What Pokemon made an appearance in the Black and White games being resurrected from a Plume Fossil?

The correct Pokemon is Archen! In Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, Archen can be restored from a Plume Stone in Nacrene City. It is part of Generation V.


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